My plans for 2004:

  1. To create a mirror site to provide more rapid access for my visitors.(DoneDone)
  2. My main efforts will be applied on translation of a new maps and battle descriptions.
  3. I'll try to create more photo galleries, as I have found that my visitors are much interested in the existing ones. Maybe I'll even make soon a separate section for them (DoneDone). Can't promise to create anything revolutionary in Weapons section, as this topic is widely presented in the net.
  4. More time will be spend for translating an unique materials from Russian sources, not presented even in Russian net segment! So the site will change a little its policy, transforming from the digest to rather independent source of information.
  5. If you had visited my site earlier you could see my preferences in information sources. I consider their listing to be expanded.
  6. More materials will be loaded to Formations section too, but I can't promise to proceed with detailed descriptions of a specific units. As usual they will be gathered in charts.
  7. The Structure section also will be supported, but in less scales than other sections.
  8. Maybe some or even all Russian maps I obtain which will become free for all. I'll think a bit on this...(DoneDone)
  9. If I create a mirror site, I may put there some multimedia files (songs, maybe some video etc).
  10. I prefer to avoid using complex tools, scripts etc in design of my site. I will follow this policy and in the future.
  11. In spite of all my efforts, the amount of untranslated materials is growing and growing. I'll try to serve the update schedule (twice a month), but it's "a drop in the bucket", as I'm neither a professional translator nor a historian.
  12. Any suggestions concerning your available help in my work and supporting of this project in any way are, as usual, STRONGLY WELCOMED!

Thank you for your reference,

Alex (AMVAS)

Jan. 08

The latest updates

  • Irregular RKKA formations page opened. Peoples militia divisions presented. A few figures of BT tanks supplement on June 22 were added on the pages of 1, 2, 22 Mechanised Corps



Some grammar corrections were performed. A few terms were changed (e.g. Communication Units => Signals Units, Automobile units => Auto-Transport units)
Jan. 24 New Galleries section is opened with:
  1. Double-turreted T-26
  2. Mono-turreted T-26
  3. T-26 with Conical Turret
  4. Screened T-26
  5. Vehicles Based on T-26's Chassis
  6. Flamethrowers Based on T-26's Chassis
  7. T-26 Images

Hope these galleries to be a good gift for all modellers. Links page updated. Slight changes in Weapons section
Jan. 30 US mirror site is opened in a test mode! Forum design was changed!
Feb. 10 Battles:
Maps: Rus New Prokhorovka maps added from G.A. Oleinikov's paper.
Rus Maps of Vyborg operation 1944 added.
Feb. 17 As I decided to give Russian original maps for free, terms and conditions are changed (this section was deleted). So, the first pack of Russian maps have been published! (Imagine the time I need to translate those!!!.........)
Internal search engine is now configured for my mirror site. One search engine form on the title is left for my homepage search.

Rus Khasan lake operations 1938


Rus Carpathian operation of the 1st Gds Army 1944

Rus Hungarian operations 1944-45

Rus Eastern Prussian operation 1945:

Rus The war against Japan. August 1945:

Rus Other maps:

Mar. 03 For my new section: Multimedia (not created yet) uploaded an excellent videoclip (24Mb) of V.S. Shelomovskiy from This file will be available from my mirror ONLY!!!
RusCrimea 1941

RusWestern Direction 1941

Rus The Moscow Battle

RusCrimea 1942

Rus Caucasus 1942

RusDon area 1942


RusThe Kursk Battle
Rus Ukraine 1943-44

RusPoland 1945
Mar. 24 Weapons: Galleries:
Battles: Formations:
New linksadded
Apr. 05 Maps:

Kursk Battle:

Stalingrad battle:
Moscow battle 1941-42:
Different maps Formations:
Apr.26 Attention! Galleries and Maps sections are available now from ONLY!This is because of too time-consuming both uploading and downloading procedures of my host.
New section Uniform opened! (However, can't promise to update it often)
Link page was slightly changed and added.
Battles: Two articles translated by Andrey for forum are uploaded in a bit corrected form.


Northern direction 1941:

South-western direction 1941 North-western direction 1941 Caucasus 1942 Caucasus 1943
Eastern Prussia 1945:


May 11


Crimea 1944

Ukraine 1944
Poland 1944
Berlin 1945
Other maps
Index of VIZh articles for 1982-1989 (most of fulltext English articles are available from see here (ZIP)
May 24
I'm trying to upload as many maps, as I can now...
Baltic area 1941

Leningrad defense 1941 North 1941

Western direction 1941

Moscow 1941

South-western direction 1941

The Stalingrad battle 1942 North-western direction 1942 South-western direction 1942 The battle of Kursk 1943 The Stalingrad battle and its companions 1943 Ukraine 1943 Byelorussia 1944 Poland 1945
Germany 1945 Hungary 1945
June 15
Site Map added for better navigation. Provided for quick reference...
Term Corrections: Fortified Zone->Fortified Region
  • Second page is added to this section. A small changes in internal structure of this section.

July 06
Battles: Improved title page design for this section. It was made more informative. Galleries

I started revision of abbreviation listing. So some of them now changed.

ATABr (Anti-tank Artillery Brigade) - ATAB

GABr (Gun Artillery Brigade) - GAB

MB (Mortar Battalion) - MBn

RB (Repairing Battalion) - RpBn

SEB (Sapper - Engineer Battalion) - SEBn

August 02
Attention: As the internal structure of T-26 gallery was changed, images from its previous version linked by you on external sites and message boards will be unavailable. Sorry, but restructuring of this section was essential, as too much images occurred to be in one folder.
Links page was rebuilt. New links added
Site Map was rebuilt

Galleries: Much updates!
September 06




Also some grammar corrections were made, as well as some other technical works
October 18

A large scale reconstruction of site is performing. Its main aim is to optimize pages' codes. All title pages were processed and several sections. Some current updates can be performed in situ without additional information here.




November 15




December 20



I'm glad to present subsection maiden in cooperation with

As original site is very slow, gradually I will upload its materials here, as it supplement my Galleries section. When I'm able, I'll replace some photos on more qualitative ones.