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22nd Mechanised Corps

May 18, 2005

5th Army, Rovno


  • Gen.- Major S.M. Kondrusev (Mar. 11 - June 24, 1941)
  • Gen. - Major V.S. Tamruchi (June 25 - July 28, 1941)
  • Gen.-Major V.N. Simvolokov (July 29, Sep 03, 1941)

Political assistant (Comissar): Regimental Comissar I.A. Lipodayev

  • 19th Tank Division: (Commander:Gen.-Major K.A. Semenchenko)
    • 37th Tank Regiment (Lt. Col. Bibik (was killed in June, 24))
    • 38th Tank Regiment (Lt. Col.Samsonov (was killed in June, 24))
    • 19th Motorised Rifle Regiment (Lt. Col. Sokolin - badly wounded in June, 24, died later)
    • 19th Howitzer Regiment

        Other subdivisions (Separate Anti-Aircraft Battalion, Recon Battalion, Pontoon Battalion, Separate Signals Battalion, Medical Battalion, Auto-Transport Battalion, Repairing Battalion,Traffic Control Company, Field Bakery) except 643rd Field Post Station and 515th Field Bank Department had the same number as division.

  • 41st Tank Division (Col. P.P. Pavlov, Political assistant - Regimental Commissar M.M. Balykov)
    • 81st Tank Regiment (Major V.G. Korolev, Political assistant - Battalion Commissar Prokhorovich)
    • 82nd Tank Regiment (Major A.S. Suin, Political assistant - Battalion Commissar E.P. Melnik)
    • 41st Motorised Rifle Regiment
    • 41st Howitzer Regiment

        Other subunits (Separate Anti-Aircraft Battalion, Recon Battalion, Separate Signals Battalion, Medical Battalion, Auto-Transport Battalion, Repairing Battalion,Traffic Control Company, Field Bakery) except the 740th Field Post Station and 595th Field Bank Department had the same number as division.

  • 215th Motorised Rifle Division (Col. P.A. Barabanov, was killed in Sep. 09 '41)
    • 707th Motorised Rifle Regiment
    • 711st Motorised Rifle Regiment (Col. Sladkov)
    • 133rd Tank Regiment (Col. Zagudaev, was killed at July 02, 1941)
    • 667th Artillery Regiment
    • 41st Separate Anti-Tank Battalion
    • 211st Separate Anti-Aircraft Battalion
    • 284th Recon Battalion
    • 386th Light Engineering Battalion
    • 585th Separate Signals Battalion
    • 213rd Artillery Yard Battalion
    • 359th Medical Battalion
    • 677th Auto-Transport Battalion
    • 158th Repairing Battalion
    • 35th Traffic Control Company
    • 465th Field Bakery
    • 742nd Field Post Station
    • 557th Field Bank Department
  • 23rd Motorcycle Regiment (Lt. Col. Kobzar, Political assistant - Major politruk Khutoryansky)
  • 549th Separate Signals Battalion
  • 89th Separate Motorised Engineering Battalion
  • 122nd Separate Corps Aircraft Squadron

upCorps's Equipment on June 22, 1941 [8]

  Total KV BT T-26 Flame throwers T-37
19th TD 163   34 122 7  
41st TD 415 31 KV-2   342 41 1
215th MRD 129
Total 707* 31 178[11]**      

*-Maybe total tank amount is somewhat greater because of presence of additional tanks of corps' headquarters and auxiliary formations. By other sources there were 647 tanks [1] or 712 [9] tanks. By [10] there were only 18 KV-2's in the 41st tank Division.

**- 173 BT-7 + 5 BT-2

On July 07, 1941 Mech Corps had 340 tanks [7]

On July 15, 1941 Mech Corps had 30 tanks (2 BT, 28 T-26) and 17 Armored Cars.

upArtillery Equipment on June 22, 1941 [8]

  76mm guns 37mm AA guns 152mm How. 122mm How. Total* 82mm Mortars 50mm Mortars Total*
19th TD 4 4 4 12 24 18 27 45
41st TD 4 4 4 12 24 18 27 45
215th MRD 8 4 0 24 36 12 60 72
Total* 16 12 8 48 84 48 114 162

* - Rows "Total" formed by AMVAS

upMechanical Traction Equipment on June 22, 1941 [8]

  Automobiles Tractors Motorcycles Total*
19th TD 295 52 10 357
41st TD 682 15 0 697
215th MRD 405 62 0 467
Total* 1382 129 10 1521

* - Rows "Total" formed by AMVAS





Counter-Attack on Novograd-Volynsky direction


    Plan: Defending with part of the forces Rudnitsa, Belokorovichi, Emilchino, Serby region, attack broken through German forces in Bronniki, Tchernitsa direction using forces of the 31st Infantry Corps and the 9th, 22nd Mechanised Corps together with the troops of the 6th Army and restore frontline along Sluch river.

    The 22rd Mechanised corps was ordered to attack together with the 9th Mech Corps from Mirnoe, Pulin and to the end of July, 10 it had to reach Kournoye - Ochertyanka line. That time the 9th and 22nd Mech Corps had ~10,000 men each, 30-35 tanks and approximately the same number of guns. They were nearly equal each to a weakened rifle divisions.

    The attacks started at 04:00 July, 10.

    During July 10-14 the forces of the left flank of the shock group of the 5th Army (19th, 9th, 22nd Mech Corps) moved 10-20km forward and reached Kiev highway. The 22nd Mech Corps captured Kournoe, Tsvetyanka, Pulin (South) and crossed Kiev highway. There the corps was fighting vis. the 113th German Rifle Division, 25th Motorised Rifle Division and SS Motorised Division "Adolf Hitler". Started from the morning of July 15 with a strong preparatory bombardment followed by bombing attacks, the German troops assumed the offensive from Versnitsa, Tsvetyanka. They forced the troops of the 31st Inf. Corps, 19th, 9th, 22nd Mechanised Corps to retreat to the north and north-east.

    The 22nd Mech Corps was deployed in Kolkhoz Maydan, Pisarevskaya Guta region.

    Commander of the 5th Army decided to re-deploy his troops. The 62nd and 288th Rifle Divisions, 9th, 19th, 22nd Mech. Corps were ordered to move to the left flank of the army.

    The 22nd Mech. Corps was set as a reserve in the forest North to Golovki (10km north-west to Malin)


    See also map section. 


HQ - Headquarters

How. - Howitzer

MRD - Motorised Division

TD - Tank Division

TBn - Tank Battalion

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