May, 8 The site was opened! After much efforts........
May, 12 Troops compositions in Moscow battle on Oct., 1'41
May, 13 Tank Equipment of the Soviet Troops in Moscow Battle
May, 14 Artillery Equipment (for the Baltic region'41) and Equipment of the Troops, Situated in the Baltic Region (1941) tables (inclueded into the 3rd & 12th Mechcorps)
May, 17 The Organization of Self-Propelled Guns Formations
May, 24 Development of a Rifle Division Staff table, Changes in the Structure of Rifle Division
May, 27 Brief description of 26-50 Rifle Divisions
May, 30 Combat operations in Baltic from June 22 to July 10, 1941 map.
June, 07 Artillery Regiments Distribution. Some materials are also available in ZIP format. Please, vote in the box below what issue you'd like to be updated.
June, 11 Site Forum, Chatroom and mailing list (see above) are opened in the test regime.
June, 12 Tank Equipment of Soviet Tank and Mechanised Divisions in Baltic Region, 1941. (Divided to several pages for the 1st, 3rd and 12th Mechanised Corps)
New subsection of Battles chapter The Battle in Don area, June-July 1942 is opened by the Tank Equipment of Soviet Tank Formations in the Battle in Don Area, 1942 tables
June, 14 The Structure and Equipment of the 1st Guards Naval Railroad Artillery Brigade (1944) data, Production of Guns (1939-45) table, The Number of Guns in Coastal Naval Artillery on June 01,1941 table, Brief Data for Soviet Naval Guns table. Prime movers of RKKA.
June, 19 Troops compositions in the Moscow battle on Nov., 1'41. A few mistakes corrected in the other articles of the Moscow Battle section.
The new Maps section is opened! Map
The opponents assets to the commencement of the operations. Baltic region. 03:00 am, June 22, 1941.
Map The opponents assets to the commencement of the operations. North to Leningrad. June, 22, 1941.
Map The opponents assets to the commencement of the operations in front of the 5th Soviet Army. June 22, 1941.
June, 21 The Battle at Prokhorovka (including Map)
June, 28 Brief Info about the Battle at Kholm Feb. 1942. A few corrections in Troops compositions in Moscow battle on Oct., 01'41 and Nov., 01'41.
Information about 49th Rifle Division of 2nd formation added in Brief Description of 26-50 Rifle Divisions Map Forces and Artillery Fire of 125th Rifle Division on June 22, 1941 (North-Western Front).
July, 02 Map Anti-Tank defense of 13th Army. Kursk Battle July 05,1943
Map Organization of Battle. 9th Anti-Tank Artillery Brigade. June 22,1941
July, 09 Map Organisation of fire and positioning of the 44th Army. Crimea, May 1942
Map 64th Rifle Division positioning. Minsk region, June 23,1941.
Map 64th Rifle Division in Action. Zaslavl region. June,26 1941.
Map 64th and 100th Rifle Divisions in Action. Minsk vicinities. June 27, 1941.
Artillery of RKKA listed (without details) (Later split into several pages) Link page updated.
July, 10 Mechanised Corps of RKKA. Composition on 1941
July, 11 Tank Divisions of RKKA. (1941)
July, 14 Map Battle scheme of the troops of 6th Guards Tank Corps. Stashuv region. Aug 11-13 1944.
July, 16 Map Damaged and destroyed German tanks positioning in the battle in Stashuv region Aug, 11-13, 1944
Map Operations of Anti-Tank Artillery in Ostrov vicinities. Aug. 1942
July, 23 The structure of Anti-Tank Supreme Command-in-Chief Reserve Artillery Brigade Fortified Zones ("Stalin line", "Molotov line") alertness data. 1941
Map Operations of 40th Army in Ostrogozhsko-Rossoshansky Battle
Map Capturing of encircled German troops, South-East to Belgrad. (Oct. 18-20 1944)
Aug. 09 A few maps added on Stalingrad Battle
Combat in Kastornoye region. July 1942
Counter-attack of South-Eastern Front in Abganerovo region, Aug. 1942

Combat in the Northern and Central Stalingrad parts., Sep. 1942
Combat in the Central and Southern parts of Stalingrad. Sept. 14-19, 1942
Aug. 25 A few maps added:
Operations of the 5th Army in tactic zone in June 22-23 1941
The plan of Belgrade assault (Oct., 14, 1944)
Belgrade assault., Oct 14-20 1944
Stalingrad vicinities. Topographical map ~1936. (Untranslated)
Sep. 2 Belgrade city plane
Map: The battle in Kiev vicinities. July 15, - Aug. 19. 1941
Structure of 22nd Mechanised Corps. Counter-Attacks on Novograd-Volynsky direction.
Sep. 04 A few updates on Artillery page (later split into several pages)
Sep. 15 Much updates on Artillery page (later split into several pages)
Sep. 19 T-26 Gallery added. (~2 Mb !) - (later split into several galleries)
Artillery Gallery
(~2.9 Mb!) -
Sep. 20 Supreme Command-in-Chief Reserve Artillery Formations table
Sep. 27 Topographical maps of Belyi vicinities
Sep. 29 Artillery Gallery updated Khalkhin-Gol operation.
Maps: Operations of July 02-03, 1939
Operations of July 03, 1939
Oct. 07 Fixed errors on Operations of July 02-03, 1939 and Operations of July 03, 1939 maps. (the 11th Field Eng. Btln. must be read as 11th Rifle-Machine-Gun Battalion)
New Khalkhin-Gol maps: Operations of May 28-29. Operations of August 20-22, 1939
The Battle section updated: The Khalkhin-Gol Battle section opened. The next materials are available now: The 1st Army Group Equipment on July 20, 1939
The 1st Army Group Equipment on August 20, 1939
Soviet Losses in the Khalkhin-Gol Battle
Weapons section updates T-26 Gallery- (Spread later into several galleries) updated (AT-1, OT-130, OT-26) Self-Propelled Guns gallery opened (SU-5-1, SU-5-2, SU-6) (Spread later into several galleries)
Other Interesting Weapons' Gallery
opened Brief description of SU-1-12 (1934) added on SP guns' page (Moved to another section)
Oct. 28 Galleries: T-34 mine cleaner tank photo added
45mm Anti-Tank gun mounted on ZIS-5 armored truck and SU-76i SP gun photos added Maps: Fixed error on the 9th Anti-Tank Artillery Brigade map (Anti-aircraft battery must be Anti-tank battery)
A few additions on Belgrade city plan The German plan of the Brest Fortress assault The Brest Fortress panorama Khalkhin-Gol.
Operations of August 23-25 Operations of August 26-31
A few other maps slightly edited. Battles: Operation "Mars"
Weapons: 5. Captured tanks in RKKA (table)
Formations: Brief description of 51-75 ,76-100 Rifle Divisions Also some grammar corrections were performed.
Nov. 10 Formations: Equipment of the Soviet Troops in the Balaton Defense Operation. (tables).
Maps: Soviet Topographic Map Symbols. Full description
Battles: The Kursk Battle section started with Composition of the Soviet Troops in the Kursk Battle (July 01, 1943)
A new section opened. Service (closed later)
First of all you can see there my collection of maps. Some of them (untranslated) are totally free! I provided links to them.
Nov. 24 SP gun gallery: SU-1-12 SP gun based on Moreland chassis photo
Links page rebuilt and updated Maps: Counter-attacks of the Soviet troops in the vicinity of Soltsy town. July 14-17. 1941
Dec. 01 Weapons: A new Auxiliary Vehicles galleries Images and Photos opened: Most of other galleries were updated.
Much new photos added. Artillery gallery, Self-propelled guns gallery, Other Weapons gallery. Maps: The battle for Perekop isthmus. Sep. 1941
The battle for Perekop isthmus. Oct. 1941
The battle for Crimea. Oct. - Nov. 1941

Combat in Sevastopol vicinity. Nov. 4-11. 1941
Dec. 23 Maps: Serious changes in the section's structure. It's divided by years and united with map listing from service section (section deleted).
Maps translated:
Defensive positions of the 81st Gds. Rfl. Div. on July 5. 1943
Operations of the 5th Gds Tank Army on July 12-16
A pack of FREE Russian maps added Battles: Khalkhin-Gol - A new table for the 9th Armored Brigade is placed on losses page.
Some terms also were corrected. Prokhorovka battle. Some OOBs specifications.
Maneuver scheme of the Soviet units in the Kursk Battle in Oboyan, Prokhorovka and Korochan directions added.
Western Front 1941
section opened with: Structure
The structure of Destroyer Division, 1942

Links page updated.