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The aim of this project is to provide information to the English-speaking community about the role of the Soviet Army (RKKA) in World War II and to supply you with translated information from the Eastern side.


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April, 09, 2014
Sorry for been silent for much time. Now my major activity is transferred to the http://naraexpert.com/ project. But anyway, I'm here too...

First of all again sorry for a long pause in updates. Now the reason for those was my business with some other projects. For example in getting copies of German aerial photographs. Also I need to perform coordination of different kinds of archival research work. (Some results of this activities you can see in my Raw materials section)

Besides this it seems now I'm involved into another huge project devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory. Can't say more right now, but you'll defnietely will learn its results. Can't be sure if I can make any serious updates before May 2010.


As usual, any your help both financial and moral is much appreciated!


January 30, 2010


Important note!

Right now Russian copyright law changed and libraries refuse to make digital copies of the sources published later than in 1938. But even taking into account this sad fact I hope in the future to upload more unique materials, which I collected in the past years.

Be sure, they are more than enough for making monthly updates for 100 years of hard work....


Alex aka AMVAS

June 22, 2009

July 16, 2011

My mailbox address was changed to


September 22, 2010

Sorry for such a long pause, caused mostly by enormous number of work at my main working place and large interest to getting aerials, which we provide with my friend. Now trying to return into business.

First of all I worked out the new structure for my Maps section. This is caused by a large number of battle-schemes and maps presented in my collection, which needs more thorough structure. Hope with time to put much more images into this section. The old structure, which existed for many years doesn't satisfy modern criterias and thus will be replaced by the new one.

During rebuilding works it was found much schemes to be repaired. When I scanned them I hadn't enough powerfull instruments for reparing shadows and geometrical correction. So, now I was able to perform some graphic corrections. Many schemes were even rescanned at all.

Also it was found some bugs to be repaired in captions and links.





May 7, 2010

I need to say sorry to visitors of my site for such a long pause in making updates.

Still can't become free enough for making changes here.

But I have one positive news for you! I'm involved in works for the site of the Ministry of Communication of Russian Federation devoted to the 65th anniversary of the Victory.


Right now it's in Russian, but as there are lots of multimedia information it'll be easier for you to use it.

So, you can find there (not all is uploaded yet):

  • 600 German aerials of Soviet towns in the best quality;
  • 40 German situation maps in the best quality;
  • 400 Battle schemes from rare military Soviet books issued by the General Staff and Frunze Academy
  • A large number of newsreels;
  • Lots of photos;
  • TsAMO documents (in work);
  • Newspapers

Welcome everybody! hope this project to be developing in the future!



October 19
Search engine updated
October 15


September 15


July 15


With the help of Skoblin translated summary report of the 9th Mechcorps June 22 - July 22 1941



Sorry for ignoring this section for a long time. Many links were broken since the last update. Hope now to fix much of them. Also many new links were added as well as Youtube records and clips.

June 22



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