Other Maps

UpdatedOctober 15, 2009

In this section I collected those maps, which can't be placed in other sections due to some reasons. The main one among them may be named unknown territory. Also some maps with infinitive date may be placed here.

Typical Soviet Abbreviations

Some typical coding of Soviet military maps and battle schemes

Abbreviations of units

# Map Area Unit subordination Date Language Source
Q01 Osowiec Fortress scheme Osowiec - 1941 Rus 1
Q02 Field fortifications in Dmitrov region Dmitrov area - 1941 Rus 3
Q03 Transport schemes across Ladoga lake Ladoga lake - 1941-42 Rus 3

Positions of German and soviet forces prior to the war NEW

ATTENTION!!! 35Mb size!

- Stavka June 22'41 Rus 2

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