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Posted on Dec 26, 2006 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Interactive Combat Story: First Night in Normandy

By Brandon Neff


The next hour passes swiftly as you continue towards your objective.  The distant staccato of a heavy machine gun hastens your pace.  Following the sound, you climb a small rise and descend into a small cluster of farm houses and grazing land, now flooded.  Dead, bloated livestock litter the fields.  Rushing past the first farmhouse you find a group of fellow paratroopers pinned down by several Germans including a pair manning an improvised machine gun nest.  From your vantage, the machine gun is to your left and roughly 100 yards away.  The German soldiers are spread out in a line on either side of the gun.  Nearly 75 yards away are the paratroopers, pinned down and in bad shape.  Thinking quickly, you come up with two viable options:


If you sneak behind the German line and ambush them, Go to 17.

If you seek concealment and provide covering fire to allow the paratroopers a chance to escape, Go to 30.

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