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Posted on Dec 26, 2006 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Interactive Combat Story: First Night in Normandy

By Brandon Neff


The road is a tempting luxury and you’ll make good time, but you will undoubtedly encounter higher risks.  If you were the enemy, you would surely protect the roads in and out of Carentan and the nearby causeways.  Thus, you remain near the roads but at a safe distance should the terrain prove too difficult.

Indeed, after nearly thirty minutes you find the ground becoming softer and wetter and soon you are trudging through flooded ground, designed to slow the Allied tanks and men.  Certainly now the road will prove treacherous as the only means of conveyance for any large group of men or machine.

It’s slow and difficult, but you continue to advance through the flooded fields towards your destination.  After several minutes, a German patrol is heard approaching along the road, heading towards you.  They are roughly 50 yards distant and in the moonlight you count four of them.


If you fire at them, Go to 9.

If you let them pass, Go to 24.

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