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Posted on Dec 26, 2006 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Interactive Combat Story: First Night in Normandy

By Brandon Neff


You find shelter behind a crumbling stone wall and take careful aim at the machine gunner.  Your first shot takes him below the ear and the gun is instantly silenced.  Your next shot takes the startled gunner crewman, now covered with the blood of his comrade.  Greene begins to fire upon the riflemen and they scramble to lay down suppressing fire on your position as the paratroopers quickly rally around your brave actions.  For the next few minutes, you trade covering fire with the paratroopers while you and Greene work your way, back and forth, towards the safety that distance will offer.  Finally you make it into a wooded area and the Germans fall back, wary of charging headstrong into a trap.

You greet the paratroopers, men of your company and a few mixed others, with hearty handshakes and grateful smiles.  They have been pinned down for quite a while and dawn is swiftly approaching.  Wasting no time, you continue onwards in the company of allies.


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