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Posted on Feb 9, 2007 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Interactive Combat Story: The Calm Before The Storm

By Brandon Neff


The whine of the mechanized tracks grows louder as the tank approaches. You aim for the commander, but he is safely buttoned up inside the turret and you have no shot. Cursing, you nod a quick farewell to Pvt. Bernson and you both sprint from the trench, seeking a flanking approach. Like an angry dragon, the tank cannon belches out a flash of smoke and fire and the ground all around you raises up in an explosive blast. You are hurtled forwards onto your face, your ears ringing from the concussive force. You raise up as the tank opens up with machine gun fire.

Private Bernson is hit several times in the upper torso and you can hear him cry out to your left. All you can do is pray his death is swift and await your turn as the Germans draw near.


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