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Posted on Aug 28, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Beltring War and Peace Show, 2005

Armchair General

More ladies in another armoured car, with 6 wheels this time. And next up, an incredibly impressive example of a self-propelled gun. I’ve no idea what it actually is, but just look at that barrel.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_069.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_070.JPG

Heading for the display arena, I snapped these guys in a WWI vintage motorcycle. The blue truck is an ex US Coastguard vehicle, it made a nice change to see some different colours amongst all the green and grey.


Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_071.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_072.JPG

Prizes were awarded to the best vehicles in their class, this impressive Jeep had won runner-up in its competition. The second Jeep here has some cool artwork on the rear.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_073.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_074.JPG

A Scorpion light tank sits next to a US truck complete with three-stars on the bumper. I don’t know if this actually was an ex-General’s vehicle or if the stars have been added later.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_075.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_076.JPG

Before you ask, no I have no idea how this M3 Grant even holds together, let alone how it got here, but my has it received a lot of damage. I can only conclude that it has been used as target practice at some point in its life. Whatever the reason for its Swiss-cheese hull, I would hate to be the one renovating it!

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_078.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_077.JPG

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