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Posted on Aug 28, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Beltring War and Peace Show, 2005

Armchair General

Here are a couple of pictures that I have included just because I like them. Sorry. I have a bit of a thing about German equipment – have you guessed that yet?

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_089.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_090.JPG

Here’s a lovely BMW motorcycle and a Mercedes truck. I love the camo’ scheme on the truck especially.


Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_091.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_092.JPG

A Jeep that isn’t green! Actually, I also found a bright yellow one as well, but this one looks nicer. Meanwhile, a German motorcycle and sidecar rolls by…

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_096.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_093.JPG

Here are those Grossdeutschland chaps again with a Half-track of their very own.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_094.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_095.JPG

One of many fine examples of a US Half-track with Quad .50s mounted on the rear. This one was the best of the bunch, in my view. And here’s the best of the US amphibious cars I found. Mind you, I’m no expert and maybe the judges felt differently.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_097.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_098.JPG

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