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Posted on Aug 28, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Beltring War and Peace Show, 2005

Armchair General

Really, there were so many Tanks present I had real problems selecting the best of the pictures for you – these are the best of an excellent batch.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_079.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_080.JPG

A pair of Stuarts, check out the hedgerow cutters on the one on the right, no doubt designed for and used in the Normandy bocage.


Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_081.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_082.JPG

Unfortunately the dry weather and the dusty ground turned a lot of the vehicles the same colour of dirty brown.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_083.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_084.JPG

Here’s a fine example of a German half-track used for heavy hauling. This one really rattled though when it drove by me later. And a great picture of an array of Tanks if I say so myself.

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_085.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_086.JPG

And here, a German Schimmwagen, a type of amphibious car. Next to it, a half-track motorcycle!

Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_087.JPG Thumb_Beltring_23.07.05_088.JPG

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