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Posted on Jul 25, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Aldershot Army Show 2005

Armchair General


Military history isn’t just about stale old facts, figures battle and casualty statistics, it’s also about experiencing that history for yourself. Equally importantly, it’s about linking the history of those who fight and die to maintain our civil liberties with those of us to enjoy those liberties in free societies such as ours.

The town of Aldershot in Hampshire, England, has been called the "home of the British Army" for one hundred and fifty years this year, and like many military communities, the town has a close affiliation with the men who are stationed there.

This year’s Aldershot Army Show, like others preceding it, was a celebration of the rich history and tradition of the Army, and a way to maintain the bonds of the community as a whole together with those who serve.


I attended the show to see what interesting things I could find. And here I am with my ACG (click the thumbnail to enlarge).


You’ll find the following link of interest:

Aldershot Army Show

This report covers the following elements of the show:




4) THE 514TH


Click on the thumbnails below for larger images.


If there’s one thing the British Ministry of Defence isn’t short of – it’s land. Huge tracts of the British Isles are still owned by the MOD, so the Aldershot Army Show was never going to go begging for a place to be staged. Half of one enormous field was set aside for all the events of the weekend, the other half was used for car parking. And to welcome visitors to the site, the entrance was framed by these two self-propelled guns.


What’s more, they were fully open for inspection – you could even go inside and take a look at the controls. Note the gold-coloured covers on the end of the barrels – they were imprinted with the crest of the Queen of England. Now that’s attention to detail…

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_7.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_8.JPG

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