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Posted on Jul 25, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Aldershot Army Show 2005

Armchair General


A nice collection of historic vehicles could be found at Aldershot, although some of them I had seen only a few weeks before at the Museum itself.


Jeeps follow me wherever I go. I often wonder if I’m just taking pictures of the same Jeeps over and over again at events like this, but I don’t think I’d seen these ones before. I truly believe that there must be literally thousands of Jeeps in full operational order in the UK even now, which is a great testament to their design and durability, not to mention the love and attention their owners give them,


Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_156.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_132.JPG

An old but lovely Enfield motorcycle sits next to a Ferret armoured car. Either one would be useful for a trip to the shops.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_135.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_146.JPG

Another Jeep complete with machine gun mounted at the rear. This one might be useful for a trip to the shops when there’s a sale on.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_133.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_139.JPG

This one might be more practical though – you need to keep a weapon like this dry from the English rain.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_134.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_137.JPG

Some lovely trucks, all beautifully maintained and in full working order.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_136.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_154.JPG

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