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Posted on Jul 25, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Aldershot Army Show 2005

Armchair General

Small shop stalls mingled with Army Career centres and Regimental stands. There were toys for the children – and uniforms too.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_29.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_30.JPG

The machine on the right is a pilot less reconnaissance plane used by the British Army. It’s a lot smaller than some that I’ve seen, but it’s easy to transport and to deploy.


Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_33.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_204.JPG

Here, some children are shown historic firearms – whilst on the right, a junior Field Gun crew inspects their gear. Field Gun races, consisting of a team of people stripping a Field Gun and racing across obstacles to reassemble and fire the Gun at the other end of the course, used to be very popular in the UK, it’s nice to see that the tradition continues, albeit in a smaller form.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_25.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_66.JPG

A fine selection of fairly modern Tanks and AFVs were on display – some of them from the nearby Aldershot Army Museum. Readers of my previous "Guns and Drums" article (link) will remember that one of the Tanks operated by the museum broke down whilst I was there. It looks like they got it working again as it was here in all its glory.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_10.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_34.JPG

One of these Tanks was employed vigorously as a climbing frame – I hoped it wasn’t armed.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_194.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_16.JPG

At one stage, the sound of sirens made me jump – but it was only some Military Policemen showing off.


Over in another corner, a Field Hospital was established, to demonstrate the sort of care modern battlefield casualties can expect. It’s a whole world apart from the likes of Florence Nightingale…

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_48.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_49.JPG

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