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Posted on Jul 25, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Aldershot Army Show 2005

Armchair General


I’ve never plucked up the courage to take a Helicopter ride, and I wasn’t about to take the plunge on this day either – even though helicopters were constantly flitting around giving rides to the general public. However I was able to inspect these two Army vehicles up close.

To start with, here’s a Gazelle operated by the Army Air Corps Volunteers. I’m not sure if I’ve have even fitted inside the cockpit, so here’s a picture of me outside it – sorry about that.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_222.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_227.JPG

And here’s a huge twin-rotor Chinook transport Helicopter. As you can see, this was also available for inspection.


Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_5.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_220.JPG

I looked very hard, but could not see any cuddly toys inhabiting this machine, so perhaps mankind is safe after all.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_223.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_243.JPG

* * *


Unlike some events I’ve been to, there weren’t large numbers of re-enactors at Aldershot, but this group was on hand to demonstrate equipment as might have been used by American GIs during World War II.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_64.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_63.JPG

This group call themselves the 514th QM Truck Regiment, and are a new group to the scene, having only been operational for a year.

Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_51.JPG Thumb_Aldershot_Army_Show_02.07.05_52.JPG

As you would expect, this was a popular display, which attracted a lot of interest from the youngsters.


* * *

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