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Posted on Feb 22, 2008 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Toy Fair 2008

By Peter Suciu


What would a good offense be without some good air and ground defense? Look for 21st Century Toys new 88mm flak and anti-tank cannon, which will be available later this year.


Premier scale toy maker Corgi is heading to the skies with a new line of 1/72 scale aircraft of the Second World War.


Not all the scale aircraft from Corgi are the glory seekers, and utility aircraft such as this American PBY-5A Navy World War II era search plane are among those planes long sought after by collectors.


Unimax will be adding several new armored vehicles to the Forces of Valor arsenal this year, including this 1/32-scale Lee tank, which includes the tank commander and a grunt looking to hitch a ride. Why walk to battle when you ride in style on this underpowered tank!

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  1. Iwould like to know how i can purchase the figurine models and if there is a store thta has them