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Posted on Feb 22, 2008 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Toy Fair 2008

By Peter Suciu


This Roman Legionary from the Ages of Action series is ready to come, see and conquer.


While many companies have ceased production of 12-inch scale figures, Florida-based Toyrrific is sending a new wave of troops to the front lines. This includes a detailed collection of modern U.S. Army covert-ops figures, as well as detailed equipment, including this Assault Boat, which is designed from sturdy black vinyl. It is ideal for midnight insertions or bath tube styled raids with up to six 1/6 scale figures.


Among the figures from Toyriffic making a debut at Toy Fair was this World War II U.S. Marine Private 1st Class on Iwo Jima (5th Marine Division in 1945). He features M1 DUCK camouflage helmet cover, is armed with an M1 Carbine and is wearing the 1941 pattern utility uniform.

Vehicles on the Move


This year 21st Century Toys will continue to roll out new scale vehicles including this deadly looking King Tiger, the largest tank to ever see combat in World War II.

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  1. Iwould like to know how i can purchase the figurine models and if there is a store thta has them