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Posted on Feb 22, 2008 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Toy Fair 2008

By Peter Suciu


For more nautical action, look for new 1/350-scale warships from Lindberg models this spring. Among the first ships to get model sea trails are the German battleships Tirpitz and Bismarck and the American aircraft Carrier Yorktown.


Imex Model Company is also continuing to release new model figure kits in the 1/72-scale as part of the World History Series. Among the upcoming sets are The Korean War, which includes miniature soldiers and vehicles from the North Koreans and Chinese as well as the Americans and South Koreans. Additional sets will include The American Civil War and The American Revolution.

Board Games


For those looking to get in on the game, look for Tide of Iron, a board game from Euro game publisher Fantasy Flight, which combines the miniatures of such titles as Axis & Allies with the tactical gameplay of Squadleader. New expansions for 2008 increase the number of pieces and settings, with locations in North Africa and the Russian Front.


Diplomacy, the dice-less board game of strategy and deception is getting a makeover for 2008 from Avalon Hill. This includes a new board and pieces. Let the backstabbing continue!


Hasbro’s Avalon Hill brand is also giving a major facelift to Risk, with three new versions to play to make the game even more risky than ever.

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  1. Iwould like to know how i can purchase the figurine models and if there is a store thta has them