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Posted on Dec 15, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Palmerston Forts – Part 4 – The Royal Armouries Museum

Armchair General

Giving a good example of volley fire, the Archers let loose as many arrows as they can. The display included several types of arrow, one of which is demonstrated by our friend in the green and white here.

ram_043.JPG ram_044.JPG

And here you can see that not even chainmail or plate armour is safe from the mighty Longbowman.


ram_045.JPG ram_076.JPG

Having completed their display, the Archers line up for applause…but they aren’t finished! As the commentator explained, Archers also carried skirmish weapons for close quarters combat, and this could range from a sword to an axe to a simple dagger.

ram_046.JPG ram_047.JPG

After the display, the Archers were more than happy to talk about their hobby and to show off their weapons.

ram_077.JPG ram_079.JPG

Some people can’t resist posing for a photograph – and thanks to these chaps from the Purbrook Bowmen for allowing me to take some photos that show off their authentic costumes to great effect.

ram_078.JPG ram_048.JPG

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