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Posted on Dec 15, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Palmerston Forts – Part 4 – The Royal Armouries Museum

Armchair General


I’ll round off my tour of the Royal Armouries Museum with some pictures of the Portsdown Artillery Volunteers, wearing period uniforms, demonstrating their gun drill using one of the 7 inch rifled breech-loading "Armstrong" guns. Here the crew assemble outside the casemate housing the gun.

ram_010.JPG ram_008.JPG

Up on the ramparts, a member of the crew watches as his crewmates assemble for inspection.


ram_009.JPG ram_011.JPG

And off they go, some crewmembers rushing to the gun itself to prepare it for firing whilst two other men head to the magazine storage area to collect a shell.

ram_012.JPG ram_013.JPG

Well-drilled and working in unison, the gun is readied for action.

ram_014.JPG ram_015.JPG

With the gun sitting on an angled frame, the crew have to raise the gun and move it forward clear of the ramparts to fire. This is known as "running out". The Volunteers were of course only using a blank charge, but when this type of gun used a live charge, the gun and its carriage would recoil up the angled platform.

ram_016.JPG ram_017.JPG

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