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Posted on Mar 11, 2010 in Armchair Reading

May 2010 Issue – Collapse of the Ottoman Empire

By Armchair General

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  • Cover FeatureCollapse of the Ottoman Empire: Still Creating Crises Today
  • Crisis Watch – The Global Counterrevolution, by Ralph Peters
  • Dispatchesreal heroes, destinations, special events and more
  • Forgotten HistoryWar of the Dragons: The Sino-Vietnamese War, 1979
  • Great WarriorsJanissaries
  • Hard ChoicesAmerica’s "Germany First" Strategy
  • Battlefield Leader"Terrible Terry" Allen
  • Today’s War on Terror: A Global Update



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  1. Ataturk was a great general; today his fundamentals still guides many world leaders. He was the first frontier against Muslim extremism, first time in western civilization cihad was declared against him, and he rightfully got rid of most Muslim extremists from Turkey in early 1900s, and since then Muslim extremist kept their grudges to kill his Fundamentals.
    The biggest Muslim extremist against Ataturk, was dismissed (kicked out) from Turkey and this illegal extremist livers here in New Jersey USA among us and poisoning young American youth which is paid from our tax dollars.
    I do not want to mention his name here but search Google under “Founder of Turkey’s largest Islamic movement” you will see his name. WAKEUP AMERICA!!!!

  2. Your article on Ataturk not only reflects a Nation Builder, a great Leader but also one who had sensed the dangers of fundamentalist Islam and took necessary precautions.
    Regretfully, the statesmen of today don’t realize the dangers of supporting a fundamentalist regime moving ruthlesly and with no mecry to dictatorship!
    It is sad that leaqders like Ataturk come to a nation once in 200 years as Winston Churchill said following the Lozan treaty.

  3. Frankly, I am getting bored with the endless mythologizing of Mustapha Kemal in the West. The guy had a hand in the Genocide of 1.5 million civilian Armenians. He later attacked, without provocation, the new-born republic of Armenia, to slaughter Armenians who had miraculously managed to flee the planned extinction of their 4,000-year-old nation. Mustapha was a brutal dictator. He was also an alcoholic who died, in his, ’50s, from brain syphilis. Anyone who self-styles himself “Father of the Turks” (Ataturk) has serious emotional issues. Imagine George Washington or Abraham Lincoln declaring that henceforth they should be called Father of Americans. Finally, you don’t make a country progressive or western by merely banning the fez and the veil. Since his demise, Turkey has been ruled overtly or covertly by Ataturk-worshipping military dictatorships. Erdogan rules only because the generals let him stay in power–so that Turkey would seem democratic and be allowed into EU.

    • Unfortunately, Vahan (and unfortunately for your fellow Armenians of depressingly average intellect), it appears your educational system left out “WWI history,” “world history,” “how to do research,” and “how to think critically,” from your curriculum. You might want to research pre-Bolshevik (soviet) Russia and her place in WWI in regards to fighting against the Ottomans, opening a third front against the Turks by way of Armenian militants. The Bolsheviks then took power and abandoned the Armenians (who killed hundreds of thousands of Turks themselves) to what became a civil war (civil wars are unsuccessful revolutions – which you’d know if you had studied world history) that the Armenians lost and got displaced. Of course you might be able to figure this out if you knew how to read well documented historical records from disparate sources, and THEN knew how to connect said sources contextually and chronologically because you can think critically. Unfortunately, you are found wanting in every respect.

      In fact, we hear the same thing from Greek Cypriots about the issues TEY caused in 1968 after locking elected Turkish politicians out of parliament during the first joint Turk-Greek sessions in Cyprus. In fact, throughout the 20th century, there is case after case of people attacking Turks only to come out on the losing side, and then complaining about it as if they are the victims.

      Accountability for one’s actions and acceptance of their consequences (cause and effect) isn’t just an idea and I suggest you learn it or be forever angry about things you can’t even comprehend.

      -Educated American

      • Oh Jimmy. Spoon fed fiction an educated American you are not. I pity your ilk. First off, my most sincere apologies in responding to your rant so long after the fact. I figured I’d do you the courtesy and not wait a full 4 years. Keeping things current, ya know? Since you’ve drawn the discussion away from Ataturk (Paternal hero of modern Turkey), let’s just call him “Pat”, here is me entertaining your entry point. You’ve come here to deny the Armenian genocide. Excellent. You speak of studying well documented sources. You inspired me. I took your advice Jimmy. I did. It does however appear to me that I am not alone in my scholarly endeavours. Since your last post in 2014 quite a few developments have transpired. On the local front 43 of the 50 U.S. States have officially recognized the historical truth of the Armenian Genocide. Now I’m not the best at math but…Perhaps these legislators are studying different sources? Perhaps they aren’t quite as educated an American as yourself? Perhaps these are sources which have miraculously escaped your contextual and chronological approach.

        Still with us Jimmy? Let us move along to Europe. In fact let’s start off with Turkey’s World War 1 ally, Germany. In April of this year, (2015) Jimmy, the modern German government officially recognized the Armenian Genocide. In fact they joined other civilized nations such as Austria, and the Czech Republic, also in 2015, the European Parliament 2015, Sweden 2010, Switzerland 2003, France 1996. Italy 2000. Poland 2005, Belgium 1996. Bolivia and Brazil in 2014 and 2015 respectively. I know these are quite a few dates and nations to digest Jimmy but I’m certainly confident that with your commitment to education you’ll have no difficulty confirming these facts. Wikipedia might be a tad below your PAY grade, but at least they assembled the nations that have recognized the truth and veracity of the Armenian genocide in alphabetic format for ease of reference. When we next correspond, (sometime in 2019) I might be so kind as to send you to another source. Abbreviated as IAGS, the International Association of Genocide Scholars, a non-partisan organization that is charged with doing the research and teaching about the nature, causes, and consequences of genocide, and to advance policy studies on the prevention of genocide. Surprise Jimmy! They too have recognized the Armenian Genocide and have done so for a number of years. We can even discuss the Hamidian massacres of 1894-1896 if you’d like. You see Jimmy, I too am committed to education and enlightenment. Except, I cannot but feel more so committed to yours.

        An Enlightened Canadian (1996, 2002, 2004)

  4. For the God’s sake why only Armanians and partly Greeks crying when the subject comes to Turks, Turkey and Ataturk?
    Why because their hands are dirty and bloody.
    Stop trying to cheat the World, come to realities of the present.
    Realities of the Twenty First Century.

  5. If 1.5 million Armenians were killed, how can they still live?? There were not that much armenian in that time 🙂 then it is totally a lie. There were some events but it was the result of the atack of Armenian gangs. Armenians killed hundreds of innocent Turkish villagers first and then their relatives killed them for revenge. That’s all. There are thousands of Armenians living in Turkey and they are all happy to live in there. STOP LYING you poors!!

  6. How do I get a copy of this issue when the back order is “permanently out of stock”? I have a burning interest in Turkish military history and would desperately like a copy of this issue. Can you help!?


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