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March to Baghdad: Decision at Tallil Air Base

Armchair General has teamed up with developer ProSIM Company to bring you this computer wargaming exclusive. March to Baghdad, Episode 1: Decision at Tallil Air Base is a complete, stand-alone wargame for Windows, ready to download, install, and play! This game was built using ProSIM Company’s Air Assault Task Force engine, a professional-grade military simulation that is used by companies such as Techknowledge and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics and militaries worldwide. Click here to download the March to Baghdad, Episode 1. (153MB)

This mini-game contains two scenarios, recounting the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry’s battle at Tallil Airbase.

Seize Objective Liberty
It’s late afternoon on 21 March 2003. The Hammer Brigade’s attack has already begun. After a deep attack by Apaches, the Panther Battalion is already attacking along Highway 1 to secure the bridge at Objective Clay. Now it’s time for your Dragon Battalion to begin their attack. You have two mech infantry companies, one tank company, and a mortar and scout platoon. 1st Battalion, 10th Field Artillery is also in position to support your attack. Secure Objective Liberty and establish a blocking position to the northeast, to prevent a counterattack into the brigade’s right flank. You must complete your mission before daylight, so the Battle Boars can secure their objective and the division can continue its attack.

Counterattack at Dawn
With the objective secured, its time for the Battle Boars to begin their attack to secure Objective Firebird (Tallil Airbase). But before they can begin their attack, Saddam Fedayeen and the Iraqi Army launch a massive counterattack against your position. Hold the line and stave off disaster or Operation Iraqi Freedom could be over before it really gets started.

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