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Posted on Nov 4, 2010 in Armchair Reading

January 2011 Issue – Long Live Death

By Armchair General

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  • Cover FeatureLong Live Death! Ralph Peters examines Mexico’s violent—and misunderstood—1910 Revolution
  • Feature: Sun Tzu in Burma: Merill’s Marauders, 1944What Sun Tzu would have to say about "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell’s World War II strategy in Burma
  • Feature: Custer’s First StandACG’s Editor in Chief, Jerry D. Morelock, explores a battle fought eight years before Little Bighorn with similar conditions—except Custer won!
  • 10 Questions for Roger Staubach – read online!
  • Crisis Watch – The Last (Mini) Empire—Ralph Peters on why Pakistan is such a problem
  • Dispatchesreal heroes, destinations, special events and more
  • Forgotten HistoryBlood on the Border
  • Battlefield LeaderGeneral Lewis "Chesty" Puller




  • George Rogers Clark The Revolutionary War hero who won the Old Northwest for America
  • Special Feature: Persian Arrows – America’s Winning Iran Strategy. Ancient history shows what Iran is up to and what the United States should do about it
  • Bonus Article: Who Really Sank the Bismark?
  • Extra Feature: The "Not-So-Great" 1876 Great Sioux War: setting the record straight on the Indian Wars
  • Battle Studies: Battle of Narvik, 1940 German General Eduard Dietl captures Norway for Hitler
  • Interactive command articles in which YOU make the decisions! Brandenburger Commandos in Russia, 1941; Marines at Chosin Reservoir, 1950; and Eisenhower and the invasion of Sicily, 1943

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  1. I just read Ralph Peters article on the Mexican Revolution in the Jan 2011 issue.. At the end of the article, you suggested I come to your website for a list of must-read books.
    I visited and found nothing obvious in terms of a link.
    I’ll try searching a couple more times,

  2. Recently read “Crisis Watch – The Last (Mini) Empire—Ralph Peters on why Pakistan is such a problem”.

    Pakistan is a regular subject of discussion on the ACG fourms and very misunderstood. This article should be required reading for anyone interested in the many problems plaguing South Asia.

    Gary C.

  3. When will the next issue come out? Will I get it in January? Thanks.

    • The March 2011 issue will hit newsstands in January, D. J. Subscriptions take about 4–6 weeks to process, so whether or not you’ll receive this issue in the mail depends on when you subscribed. Thanks for subscribing; wait till you see some of the articles we have scheduled for 2011!


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