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Posted on Nov 4, 2010 in Armchair Reading

January 2011 Extra Mailbag Items

By Armchair General

Where In The World Is ACG?

Retired German Officer Eberhard Boeck enjoys the July 2010 issue of Armchair General at his home in Verden an der Aller, Germany. Boeck, whose father was killed during the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II, entered the German Army in 1959. He spent the majority of his career serving in various leadership positions in the artillery field. In 1991 he was transfered to the Territoral Army where he became commander of a Regional Defense Command. He retired from the Army in 1994 and is now involved in cultural affairs and management. He is also a member of the city council.



  1. On page 53 (Interactive Combat Section) of the January 2011 issue is an illustration of a paratrooper Lt with a Thompson leading his unit through the woods. Can you tell us the name of the artist? I can see his first name is Gregory, but I can’t make out the last name as it gets a little fuzzy. Thanks.

  2. Hi John. His name is Gregory Proch!

  3. Hello

    How do I submit a Where in the World is ACG photo?

  4. Dear Sirs,

    We found ID-tag, as shown in the annex photo, from Ivalo, Finland on August 2010. The ID tag was in the ruins of the prison camp, which is located about 15 km east of Nellim road.

    According to our information this prison camp “Stalag II” has been a punishment camp, which has operated in Finland, places called: Petsamo, Rovaniemi and Taivallahti.

    Our assumption is that the am. ID-tag may have belonged to the German camp guards?

    Is it possible to identify the backgrounds of this ID-tag? To Whom it has belonged. What has this person done in Ivalo. Is there any information of the possible relatives who might be still alive?

    At fist we were in contact with the Finnish National Archives, which advise us to contact your office directly.


    Lauri Mustonen

  5. Dear Sirs,

    First off, thank you for a wonderful magazine. I never miss an issue! I was very impressed with the Interactive Combat-US Paratropers in Belgium 1945-in the Jan. 2011 issue. What impressed me most was the Historical Note stating the article was based on an actual combat action.

    However, I think you have a typo! You state that COL (RET) Megellas was recommended for the Medal Of Honor, and that it was STILL PENDING! WHAT!?! Please tell me this brave american hero has not been waiting for his justly deserved award since 1945! Who is not doing their job? What can I, and others, do to help make this happen? Whose door/desk do I have to pound on to get some action for this man before he passes on, like so many of the greatest generation do every day! This is looong overdue.

    If you could offer some suggestions, I’m sure your readers will take action to right the wrong being done to this fine american! I know I will.

    Please keep us informed and keep up the good work!

    Sincerly yours,

    Phillip Cartwright
    SFC, USA, RET.

  6. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and I have a idea for your You Command Section. I would like to try comanding a unit of Rogers Rangers during the French and Indian War.