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Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Stuff We Like

Holiday Shopping Guide 2010: Games, Books, and More



DCS Black Shark [Armchair General Review] [description] is a must for every helo flight simmer. Thoroughly detailed and stuffed with amazing graphics, fans of rotary flight combat will enjoy taking it for a whirl. Be sure to check out the TrackIR hardware to integrate with it. [$22.97] Buy DCS: Black Shark

Over Flanders Fields [Armchair General Review] [description] is not a stand-alone game. Players must own a copy of Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 before they can install it, so be sure to buy both games if the person you’re buying for doesn’t have it. Over Flanders Fields is perhaps the finest World War One air combat flight sim to be released. With stunning graphics and gripping gameplay, the would-be Red Baron gamer is going to love this game. [$29.99] Buy Over Flanders Fields Buy Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3

To many wargamers, mention the year 1864 and they’ll immediately think of the American Civil War. Add “ironclads” to that year, and it’s a sure bet that’s the first thing on their mind. However, the American Civil War wasn’t the only place ironclad ships were slugging it out, and Ironclads – Shleswig War 1864 [Armchair General Review] [description] sets out to prove it. Set in Europe, Ironclads provides wargamers with an unusual setting and great gameplay for the naval combat sim fan. [$14.99] Buy Ironclads – Shleswig War 1864

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  1. Civilization V is a thoroughly buggy game, and thoroughly lacking in any sort of viable mechanics. It’s as if the developers forgot the basic foundations of their series, since every mechanic, when traced back to the heart of the game, is ultimately unstable and poorly thought out.

    Even the one unit per tile mechanic is, while not obviously at first, a fundamentally broken and poorly implemented idea.

    If you still want a superb empire-building game, you’re better off getting Civilization IV, which possesses decent graphics and perfect, varied, balanced mechanics. Plus it has the best theme song for a game, ever.

    I’d pass on Civ V. Starcraft II, however, is a triple platinum title, and worth every dime.

  2. You missed a very good book- Caroline Princess Of Wales & Other Forgotten People of History by Strategic Publishing,USA.
    Similar to Skulldugery.


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