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Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Stuff We Like

Holiday Shopping Guide 2010: Games, Books, and More


Strategy Games

The Civilization franchise goes back a long time and was created by no one less than Sid Meiers, who started game development creating wargames. Now in its fifth version, Civilization V [Armchair General Review] [description] allows gamers to take command of civilization and guide it to victory through the ages of history. One of the things that makes Civilization unique is the fact that military conquest is but one of many methods by which gamers can rise to power and win the game. Highly addictive and fun to play, with robust multiplayer options that allow gamers to play with friends, Civilization V is a can’t miss for the turn-based strategy gamer. [$45.42] Buy Sid Meier’s Civilization V

In the annals of gaming history, StarCraft stands as one of the great real-time strategy games of all time. A decade old, copies of the game can still be found on store shelves. It is the quintessential real-time strategy game. Released this summer, StarCraft II [Armchair General Preview] [description], is the long awaited sequel. Taking classic gameplay, updating it to improve graphics, unit count, but remain true to its roos, StarCraft II is a sure win for fans of frenetic real-time strategy gaming. [$47.99] Buy Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Another long standing classic strategy game is the Strategic Command series of games. A turn-based wargame that takes the greatness of earlier Strategic Command games that had limited scope, and takes each of those theaters and unifies them in a global game. Strategic Command World War II Global Conflict [Armchair General Review] [description] is relatively simple in terms of gameplay, but facilitates the best in global strategic wargaming set during World War II, this is a can’t miss for fans of turn-based World War II grand strategy games. [$35.00] Buy Strategic Command World War II Global Conflict

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  1. Civilization V is a thoroughly buggy game, and thoroughly lacking in any sort of viable mechanics. It’s as if the developers forgot the basic foundations of their series, since every mechanic, when traced back to the heart of the game, is ultimately unstable and poorly thought out.

    Even the one unit per tile mechanic is, while not obviously at first, a fundamentally broken and poorly implemented idea.

    If you still want a superb empire-building game, you’re better off getting Civilization IV, which possesses decent graphics and perfect, varied, balanced mechanics. Plus it has the best theme song for a game, ever.

    I’d pass on Civ V. Starcraft II, however, is a triple platinum title, and worth every dime.

  2. You missed a very good book- Caroline Princess Of Wales & Other Forgotten People of History by Strategic Publishing,USA.
    Similar to Skulldugery.


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