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Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Stuff We Like

Holiday Shopping Guide 2010: Games, Books, and More


History Books

American Guerrilla: Forgotten Heroics of Russell W. Volckmann, by Mike Guardia. Russell Volckmann was an American officer who escaped from Bataan, raised a 22,000-man guerrilla army in the Philippines to fight the Japanese occupation force. This is an excellent gift for anyone who loves reading World War II biographies, as it focuses on a hero who has been largely forgotten. [$32.95] Buy American Guerrilla

The Deceivers: Allied Military Deception in the Second World War, by Thaddeus Holt. At over 1,100 pages this detailed study of how the Allies used strategic deception in both major and minor operations isn’t for casual readers, but Holt’s unique storytelling ability and his skill in personalizing dozens of Allied agents whose work in the shadows helped win the war make it imminently readable. The book overcame Armchair General’s reviewer’s initial skepticism and led him to declare it is "the definitive book on the subject!" [$22.95] Buy The Deceivers

George Washington’s America: A Biography Through His Maps, by Barnet Schecter. Gift-buying always carries an element of "What can I surprise him/her with?" This book’s unique approach to American history and biography makes it an easy answer to that question. Maps were always important to Washington, from his work as a surveyor to his roles as general and, ultimately, president. Written by a critically acclaimed author who is also a member of ACG’s advisory board, it shows how these maps shaped Washington’s vision for America. [$67.50] Buy George Washington’s America

The Last Stand: Custer, Sitting Bull, and the Battle of the Little Bighorn, by bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick [Armchair General Book Review]. Iconic figures and a battle steeped in controversy for over 100 years make this book easy to recommend, especially given Philbrick’s narrative skills and the 18 superbly rendered maps it includes. [$30.00] Buy The Last Stand

366 Days in Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency: The Private, Political, and Military Decisions of America’s Greatest President, by Steven A. Wynalda [Armchair General Book Review]. Aimed at general audiences and written in a series of short, mostly one-page "chapters" often accompanied by equally brief sidebars, this is a great gift for anyone interested in Lincoln but not steeped in Lincoln lore. It covers both well-known and obscure historical events. [$29.95] Buy 366 Days in Abraham Lincoln’s Presidency

Skullduggery: 45 True Tales of Disturbing the Dead [Armchair General Book Review]. This one is off the beaten path for ACG readers, but it deserves inclusion on this list for its entertaining, often humorous presentation of what could be a morbid subject—plus, its chapters’ short length make it a great bathroom reader. Its accounts of ghouls and graverobbers, from those who tried to steal and ransom Abraham Lincoln’s corpse to the infamous Ed Gein case that is believed to have inspired Psycho, make it a quick, informative read on a unique subject. Especially recommended for Goths on your gift list. [$16.50] Buy Skullduggery

New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah [Armchair General Book Review]. Books about current or very recent wars aren’t for every reader on your gift list—the intensity of immediacy can be too much, even for some history buffs—but if you’re shopping for someone who’d like to know more about the war in Iraq, this extensively researched, well-written narrative of two battles, including the longest battle involving American troops since the Vietnam War, is highly recommended. [$29.95] Buy New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah

More books, recommended by Jerry Morelock, editor of Armchair General magazine.

Even more books, recommended by the editors of the Weider History Group.

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  1. Civilization V is a thoroughly buggy game, and thoroughly lacking in any sort of viable mechanics. It’s as if the developers forgot the basic foundations of their series, since every mechanic, when traced back to the heart of the game, is ultimately unstable and poorly thought out.

    Even the one unit per tile mechanic is, while not obviously at first, a fundamentally broken and poorly implemented idea.

    If you still want a superb empire-building game, you’re better off getting Civilization IV, which possesses decent graphics and perfect, varied, balanced mechanics. Plus it has the best theme song for a game, ever.

    I’d pass on Civ V. Starcraft II, however, is a triple platinum title, and worth every dime.

  2. You missed a very good book- Caroline Princess Of Wales & Other Forgotten People of History by Strategic Publishing,USA.
    Similar to Skulldugery.


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