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Posted on Jul 11, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Game Convention Report: Tiller Con I

We just received this field report which gives the low-down on what went on during the first John Tiller Convention (Tiller Con I) in Virginia, in June 2005. You can see what the participants did, what future games you might be seeing, and most importantly when you can hit the next Tiller Con!

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Posted on Jul 8, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Battlefield 2: God Help Us If This Is What Real Combat Is Like

Battlefield 2 works best, and is arguably the most fun, when you are playing in squads as part of a larger team. The overall commander of your team issues orders to the various squad leaders, and your squad leader will then issue orders to you. When this is a working relationship, the game illustrates some of the finest teamwork in a modern combat simulation you will see on a computer screen. Other times, this relationship is the stuff of nightmares!

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Posted on Jul 8, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Strategy: Full Spectrum Warrior

FSW is an excellent, yet demanding game. To win, you'll need to employ many of the same tactics used by real world squad leaders. Fire and maneuver, overwhelming firepower and common sense are important ingredients to your success. Keep them in mind and you'll soon defeat the Zekistan insurgents. Good luck.

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Posted on May 20, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Continuing Coverage of the 2005 E3 Expo!

We're pleased to announce that StrategyZone Online and Armchair General will be attending the E3 Expo 2005 convention in Los Angeles, California. Brian King and Don Maddox will be there to represent the crew along with several other key members of the staff.

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Posted on May 9, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

A Visit to Pearl Harbor

Getting There: Obviously you are going to have to make a significant effort to reach this distant battlefield, but if you find yourself in Hawaii for other reasons (as I did), this is the ONE area every military historian must visit.  Just make sure when you make your driving plans to the memorials you go to the USS Arizona memorial, and not just drive out to “Pearl Harbor.”  You may just end up at the military base, and get some light razzing from the Marines on guard duty who constantly have to turn away tourists like us who went to the wrong place! Try to arrive as early as possible to the USS Arizona memorial so you can get on one of the first launches out to the actual site.  Not only do you get to wait in the cool of the day as you watch bus after bus of tourists arrive after you, but you also have the best chance of running into a few of the old veterans...

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Posted on May 4, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

The Battle For Basing House – An English Civil War Re-Enactment

Organised by the Sealed Knot, this re-enactment took place on the grounds of Basing House itself, and featured some 200 men (and women!) in faithfully recreated uniforms and equipment from the era. Readers of ACG's previous article will recall that Basing House was a Royalist stronghold during the Civil War and that it was besieged by Parliamentarian forces and ultimately stormed and destroyed in October 1645.

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Posted on Mar 31, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Wargaming Survey Part I: Understanding Your Local Grognard

Do you remember your first wargame? Do you remember why you got into wargaming? Can you explain why you still play these games? We explore these themes in this article, using a personality test and survey to help illuminate traits of the "typical" wargamer. Armchair General is asking for your participation in an effort to better understand "where Grognards come from." Please read on!

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Posted on Mar 4, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Lt. Lynn “Buck” Compton: Above and Beyond

'If you are familiar with the epic mini-series "Band of Brothers", an HBO screenplay based on the novel written by acclaimed military historian Stephen Ambrose, then the name Lt. Lynn "Buck" Compton will surely ring a bell. Compton, played by actor Neal McDonough, was a highly esteemed officer in Easy Company, part of the famed "Screaming Eagles" of the 101st Airborne. The unit was awarded with the Presidential Unit Citation for holding the main line of resistance during Hitler's last counteroffensive in the Battle of the Bulge.'

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Posted on Feb 19, 2005 in Stuff We Like

CM:AK – Interactive Combat Story.

Using the Turn-Based Strategy game Combat Mission:Afrika Korps as its platform, this will be an unfolding double-sided story, based on fictional events in WWII and written from the point of view of the men on the ground where YOU get to decide the strategy undertaken by the Generals, and ultimately what happens in the story.

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Posted on Feb 11, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story: Episode III

With the French Army on the verge of collapse, and Paris unlikely to hold for more than a matter of days, Germany begins to consider the next moves. England stands strong and defiant, her empire intact, wondering where the hammer will fall, and how she should see to her defenses. Help guide the outcome of WWII in Episode III of the Europe Aflame Interactive Combat Story!

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