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Posted on Jul 10, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Britain Celebrates WWII Commemoration Day

Armchair General


10th July 2005 marked the official day of commemoration for Britain to remember the end of World War II. All over the country, events were held to celebrate this momentous event in history.

I paid a visit with my family to some of the celebrations being held in my own home town of Basingstoke, Hampshire, and I hope you enjoy these pictures from the day’s events.

Click on the thumbnails for larger images. Firstly, here’s me with my ACG.


The events in Basingstoke were held in the Memorial Park right in the centre of town. As you can see, the park was packed on this glorious day, and it was great to see so many people turning out, young and old, to remember the sacrifices made by those who fought in the war.


Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_1.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_105.JPG

Military enthusiasts and reenactors were in abundance, as well as Veterans of the war itself.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_3.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_91.JPG

Unfortunately, the only downside to the celebratory nature of the event was that flags were at half-mast in view of the terrorist outrages in London just three days prior to the event.


In addition to a Brass band playing tunes from the 1940s, Veterans’ Associations and Charities had stalls where small items of memorabilia could be bought and the funds donated to worthy causes.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_84.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_85.JPG

All around the park, military vehicles could be inspected up close. Here’s a view down the barrel of a Greyhound Armoured Car and a fine Motorcycle of the kind that served with the British Army.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_125.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_50.JPG

Reenactment groups were there to fly their respective flags. Here’s just two of them.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_25.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_103.JPG

And of course there were lots of period weapons on display. Take a look at this lot and drool.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_5.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_10.JPG

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_8.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_23.JPG

Many of the reenactors had mini-encampments set up with full kit available as if ready for an inspection. These chaps are the "Thunder From Heaven" group and are kitted out as US Airborne troops.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_34.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_35.JPG

Here’s a Home Guard soldier on horseback. Next to him, soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division assemble for a patrol.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_130.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_106.JPG

And to show that the event wasn’t entirely US/UK-centric, here’s a soldier from the Soviet Red Army, alongside a private from the mighty German Wehrmacht.

Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_86.JPG Thumb_60_Years_On_10.07.05_149.JPG

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