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Posted on Feb 19, 2005 in Stuff We Like

CM:AK – Interactive Combat Story.

Armchair General


El-Kafir Airstrip

Libya, June 1942.

With Rommel’s North African campaign in full swing and the battle of Gazala underway west of Tobruk, the British doctrine of grouping in defensive strong points was put to the test by constant attacks from German armour all along the front line.

Many heroic battles occurred in the period between the 26th of May and the 17th of June, not least of which was the one that took place in the small town of El-Kafir…

Using the Turn-Based Strategy game Combat Mission:Afrika Korps as its platform, this will be an unfolding double-sided story, based on fictional events in WWII and written from the point of view of the men on the ground where YOU get to decide the strategy undertaken by the Generals, and ultimately what happens in the story.


Regular decision points will occur throughout the game during which you will be able to vote on how to proceed based on events in the story and feedback from your faithful Generals.

Your Generals are The Purist for the Allies and Boff for the Axis, and they will follow your commands to the letter, aplying their own skill and judgement as circumstances arise, but always following the basic strategies for attack or defence that you lay down.
So, choose your side, and follow the links to get involved in the action!


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