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Posted on Feb 24, 2008 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Unimax Forces of Valor Military Replica Series

By Jerry D. Morelock

My Red Army Tanker’s “Companion”

My own militaria collection features numerous World War II Red Army uniforms, headgear, small arms, field gear, equipment and medals, but the closest I’ve gotten to the Red Army’s “workhorse” tank of World War II – the T-34 – has been drooling over the ones on display in Moscow’s impressive Great Patriotic War Museum or the several T-34s exhibited in my wife’s hometown, Kharkov (the site of four brutal East Front battles, 1941-43). Now, however, thanks to UNIMAX, my World War II Red Army tanker uniform ensemble has a great “companion piece” that really enhances the “look” of the display. Forces of Valor’s T-34/85, a 1:32 scale die cast replica is an outstanding recreation of the real thing, sporting a “battle-hardened” look, superb attention to detail and many “extras.”  Replicating a T-34/85 fighting in East Prussia in the early months of 1945, the spot-on replica features: moveable treads; hatches, driver’s and engine compartments that open to reveal more detail inside; traversing turret and elevating main gun; and a host of extras that include towing cables and “war torn” diorama props. Two Red Army tank crewmen figures accompany the T-34, each featuring outstanding, highly-accurate uniform detail that passed this Red Army uniform collector’s muster with flying colors. In fact, one of the figures is an exact match for the real Red Army tanker’s uniform I have on display, right down to the padded tanker’s helmet, black leather jacket with correct color tab insignia, bino’s, PPSh 41 submachine gun, trousers, belt, pistol and boots – it’s as if my Red Army tanker now has his own “Mini-Me” in 1:32 scale.

Forces of
BEFORE: Reviewer’s Great Patriotic War Red Army ‘Tankist’ uniform ensemble looks good – but not yet great! Where’s his tank?


Forces of
AFTER: UNIMAX’s Forces of Valor 1:32 scale replica T-34/85 really complements the ‘tankist’ uniform display by adding an authentic replica of what this tanker would have ridden into East Front combat.


Forces of
UNIMAX’s Forces of Valor 1:32 scale T-34/85 replica “in the box” comes ready for display. “Mini-me” tankist in black leather jacket (second figure from left) is nearly an exact match of the real thing.

For more information on the complete line of UNIMAX’s Forces of  Valor’s impressive scale replicas visit

Jerry D. Morelock.

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