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Posted on Feb 24, 2008 in Armchair Reading, Front Page Features

Unimax Forces of Valor Military Replica Series

By Jerry D. Morelock


Forces of
Allied vehicles and soldier figures are included in UNIMAX’s superb Forces of Valor scale replicas.

Len Gatdula, Product Development Manager at Panache Place, Inc., the Rancho Santa Margarita, California based division of UNIMAX Toys, Ltd., told this reviewer, “These beautifully realized products have been around a number of years and have garnered quite a reputation among serious collectors and kids alike. Indeed, we strive to make them ‘museum quality’, and UNIMAX is, in fact, one of the few companies that can boast die cast metal construction in their military themed vehicles.” Gatdula didn’t forget to thank collectors as well as the troops who fought in the real life vehicles their scale replica’s are modeled after: “Our products speak to generations of collectors (many of whom have served their country in times of war), and it’s to these esteemed collectors that we give our special thanks and appreciation. We’re big on saluting the service of the brave men and machines that inspire our product lines and who are commemorated with every item we make.”


Forces of
Planes, artillery and modern military fighting vehicles all feature an attention to detail that make them highly authentic replicas.
Forces of
Based upon the “out of the box” authenticity of the 1:32 scale Forces of Valor replica Russian tank I obtained recently, “museum quality” seems an apt description. The tank’s paint job, in particular, is stunningly lifelike and superbly done.

The 1:32 scale T-34/85 (East Prussia, 1945) we received was ready to display right out of the box. Hatches and engine compartment open to reveal interior detail, the turret traverses, main gun elevates and the paint job looks great.

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