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Posted on Jun 8, 2007 in Electronic Games

Theatre of War (pt.2) – Assault Tactics Primer

Jim H. Moreno

With its MG and main gun it can keep up an accurate stream of fire, forcing the defenders to keep their heads down, thereby protecting the accompanying infantry.

A pre-arranged artillery strike on the enemy positions supports the advance of the infantry, and gives the signal to start “leapfrogging” or “bounding overwatch” to advance towards the trenches.

Despite the loss of its AT guns, the enemy is far from broken this time, and incoming fire from the intact machineguns and well aimed rifles causes the first wounded and casualties on the advancing infantry.

Some of the soldiers seek cover close to the advancing tanks.

You can in fact manually order units to seek for cover by issuing the “Defend” command. Units will stop what they’re doing and seek and move to nearest cover while keeping up fire on the enemy. But you do not have to order units to do this, as heavy incoming fire might cause them to do it on their own and without player input.


Theatre of War also features a unique order where you can assign a soldier to take cover behind a tank. This is done simply by selecting a soldier and clicking on the tank. A little “shield” replaces the mouse cursor, indicating that the soldier(s) will use the tank for cover. They will even follow the tank if you order it to advance slowly.

Meanwhile, the two forward tanks are climbing up the hill towards the trench line.

Firing on the move or from short halts, they draw a lot of fire on themselves, distracting the enemy and preventing him from focussing on the advancing unprotected infantry.

Approaching from the enemy’s right flank, the tanks open fire at close distance. Flanking reduces exposure to returning fire since only a small number of enemy soldiers can react or even see the flanking units, and also allows the tanks to fire down the entire length of the trench.

Ligning up for the perfect shot.

Meanwhile the infantry continues to advance in short bursts, taking cover, keeping up their own suppressive fire from the front, and trying not to get shot.

Finally, after several casualties, the first squad reaches the foot of the hill.

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