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Posted on Oct 30, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Palmerston Forts – Part 1 – Fort Brockhurst

Armchair General

Located on what is now called Gunners Way in Elson, Gosport, Fort Brockhurst is something of an incongruity. With houses on one side, a major roundabout that leads into the town centre having since been built just yards away from the Fort, and a large industrial estate next door, the Fort is a constant reminder of the historical significance of the town.

FB_010.JPG FB_013.JPG

Fort Brockhurst was one of a line of five such structures built to defend the Western approaches to Portsmouth. Designed by William Crossman, Brockhurst is surrounded by a large moat, access across which is made via two iron bridges.


FB_001.JPG FB_002.JPG

Here I am on the main bridge with a copy of my ACG. And here you can see that bridge from the East.

FB_011.JPG FB_008.JPG

A view through the main door reveals the circular structure of the main keep. The picture on the right shows the markers recording the depth of the moat.

FB_046.JPG FB_047.JPG

These pictures demonstrate the intricate construction of the main keep, which appears to be home now to several flocks of pigeons.

FB_009.JPG FB_012.JPG

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