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Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Games PR

HistWar Patched to v02c

JMM and his team have released the latest patch for the Napoleonic strategy game, HistWar.  The patch fixes a number of bugs as well as makes some improvements, cosmetic changes, and network improvements. The patch may be downloaded here. The full change log follows: Download patch 02c (Patch to apply to HistWar Version 1b,2a or 2b) Fixes errors on the following topics: Visibility Calculus CEH in analysis / synthesis Initializations of munitions (unit eventually forced out of Map) Display with the option ‘inaccurate’ Searching of bridge (during flight, abandonment of the battlefield) Units blocked in Forest during initializing Placement of 3D model of Staffs Texts to replace "order / orders?" Formation in relation to the doctrine Order of defense for corps : new control movement / line of defense Displayed as described in the manual (for Army and Corps) a/ Number of artillery units with low level of ammunition b/ Number of infantry units with low level of ammunition Immediate orders (not active version 2a/2b) a/ Resumed the march...

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