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Posted on Nov 22, 2010 in Games PR

HistWar Patched to v02c


JMM and his team have released the latest patch for the Napoleonic strategy game, HistWar.  The patch fixes a number of bugs as well as makes some improvements, cosmetic changes, and network improvements.

The patch may be downloaded here.

The full change log follows:

Download patch 02c (Patch to apply to HistWar Version 1b,2a or 2b)

Fixes errors on the following topics:

  • Visibility
  • Calculus CEH in analysis / synthesis
  • Initializations of munitions (unit eventually forced out of Map)
  • Display with the option ‘inaccurate’
  • Searching of bridge (during flight, abandonment of the battlefield)
  • Units blocked in Forest during initializing
  • Placement of 3D model of Staffs
  • Texts to replace "order / orders?"
  • Formation in relation to the doctrine
  • Order of defense for corps : new control movement / line of defense
  • Displayed as described in the manual (for Army and Corps)
    • a/ Number of artillery units with low level of ammunition
    • b/ Number of infantry units with low level of ammunition
  • Immediate orders (not active version 2a/2b)
    • a/ Resumed the march (corps)
    • b/ Limber/unlimber (artillery)
    • c/ Rallying units corps or unit)

Critical issues (possible crash)

  • Trajectory of cannons (for some OoB)
  • Fall of 3D models
  • Control of melee with river


  • New management reinforcements
  • All reinforcement units begin with fatigue = 50%


  • Recalculation of the results for the fighting "Rear Guard"
  • New display for phase progression of a corps (colored indicators)
  • Best reactivity of Grand Tactical AI

Play by email

  • Video playback in normal mode (continue mode)

Network play

  • Error code more explicit
  • Control of colored spot for line of operation
  • Results displayed for all players at the end of game
  • More robust system for incoming players during game


  • Red feather for aides de camp missing
  • Adding additional support to see the new codes (F7)
  • Display "next order" for the corps
  • Display theoretical arrival time for reinforcment
  • Display help for "Quick Order"
  • Red bag for intercepted message (2D view)
  • Retreat with column of platoon (instead of marching column)
  • Display of final résults (standard bearer)

Editor Order of Battle

  • Added [R] behind the name of a unit (Identification of reinforcements)
  • Added 3 sliders to set the time of reinforcement (Day, Hour, Minute)