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Posted on Nov 1, 2006 in Front Page Features, Tactics101

Tactics 101: 009. The Reserve

By Rick Baillergeon and John Sutherland

How would you use the Reserve in this situation?


Potential commitment of the Reserve in this scenario:

1. Complete the destruction of the enemy
2. Block penetration
3. Complete the destruction of enemy forces
4. Block penetration from an adjacent sector
5. Block penetration
6. Destroy enemy
7. Complete destruction
8. Block penetration


Decision Point 1: Commit the reserve in support of 1 Bde (ME)


Enemy: The enemy main attack is committed in 1 Bde (ME) Area of Operations and has culminated. No organized force above battalion level is left operating in the area. However, significant combat power remains.

Friendly: All Brigades retain their defensive positions and are combat effective. The reserve location has not been identified / attacked by the enemy

Mission: The reserve attacks to destroy remnants of the enemy main attack in the 1 Bde (ME) Area of Operations in order to prevent the continuation of the enemy attack to the south.


Decision Point 2: Commit the reserve to prevent bypass of the 1 Bde (ME)

Enemy: The enemy main attack is committed in 1 Bde (ME) AO and is in position to penetrate the eastern flank. The enemy has recognized his success in this area and is reinforcing the attack there.

Friendly: 1 Bde (ME) retains the rest of his sector but is decisively engaged and cannot reposition forces to the east. 3 Bde and 2 Bde are also decisively engaged and cannot reposition; neither is in danger of being penetrated.

Mission: The reserve attacks to block the penetration of the 1 Bde (ME) east flank in order to prevent the bypass of the main effort and / or the envelopment of 1 Bde or 3 Bde.

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