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Posted on Nov 1, 2006 in Front Page Features, Tactics101

Tactics 101: 009. The Reserve

By Rick Baillergeon and John Sutherland


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Enemy Situation

The enemy’s goal is to control the city and road hub at the bottom of the map. They have three major lines of drift with several cross compartments that allow lateral reinforcement and shifting of forces.

• In the West the enemy has three brigade / regiment sized mobility corridors. This equates to a division avenue of approach (AOA). This should be the main effort AOA.


• A single brigade mobility corridor runs down the center of our area of operation and should serve as a supporting attack AOA.

• In the East there are two good mobility corridors that split up as they move south. We believe the enemy will use this as a supporting attack to the Southeast. However, a flank protection force might approach our objective from the Northeast.


Friendly Situation

Our division will defend in sector to retain the city and road intersection. We are flanked by other defending divisions.

• An Armor Brigade Combat Team is the main effort in the west. Its task is defeat enemy elements north of PL BLUE. Its purpose is to prevent the enemy from massing combat power to maneuver to the city.

• A Mechanized Infantry Brigade Combat Team is the supporting effort in the East. Its task is to block the road of enemy maneuver. Its purpose is to prevent the bypass of the ME in the East. Responsible for Engagement Area’s Cut and Burn.

• A Mechanized Brigade defends in depth. Its task is to destroy all enemy forces between PL Blue and PL Green. Its purpose is to ensure the city is retained.

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