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Posted on Feb 6, 2005 in Stuff We Like

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Armchair General


HMS Warrior was Britain’s first ironclad warship.


When she was built and launched in 1860, she made all other warships around the world obsolete overnight. Her guns had a longer range than anything else afloat, and her combination of steam driven engines and sails made her faster than anything she would ever face. Finally, her iron armour made her almost invulnerable to attack from any other ship in the seas. In summary, she could attack at a longer range than her opponents, and anything she couldn’t outgun she could outrun.



It is therefore somewhat ironic that during her short career with the Royal Navy, not one single shot was ever fired in anger.


Unfortunately, on the day I attended, the Warrior was closed for a special function. Fortunately, my "all-in-one" ticket allows me to go back and visit any of the attractions I missed within a year of purchase. Watch this space for a further article on HMS Warrior in the future. For now, here are some external pictures of this impressive warship.



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