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Posted on Oct 15, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Nazi V1 Attack on New York?

By Jason St. Just

ACG Searchlight!
Who wouldn’t want to be a Civil War general or a crusading knight? Who wouldn’t want to rule the Ancient Roman Empire or Napoleonic Europe, managing cities and people, fighting battles and creating powerful alliances with other nations? Just a handful of people possess what it takes to handle Machiavellian politics, the gruesome stench of the dead on a battlefield or the heavy responsibility that comes with governing. Games, however – whether board games or computer games – make the challenges accessible to everybody without all the fuss that comes with them in real life. One cannot deny it, we are currently in a Golden Age of gaming! Although games have been played in most cultures throughout the centuries, they first became popular in the early 20th century when more leisure time became available to the middle class. With the rise of personal computers in the late 1980s, board games seemed fated for extinction, but in the last decade they have become a profitable industry again. Lucky for us!


There is an overwhelming range of games to choose from in the stores, more than enough to suit everyone’s particular appetite. Wargames are available for every historical period and ACG has a Gaming forum divided in a broad range of sub forums: MMO Games, Board Games, Console Gaming, FPS Games, Real Time Strategy Games, Simulations and Turn-Based Strategy Games. It is moderated by Jim H. Moreno who dutifully keeps an eye on the many opinions generated there each day. A former writer for the Wargamer website, we are grateful to have him keeping our forum updated with the newest game releases and reviews.  Of course he doesn’t forget the older games we all grew up with as well. He is a true gaming “addict” mostly for the practice of patience and strategy. As he says, “with war gaming, I can sit back, relax, plan and execute with minimal mouse movement and still have a very fun time with it…I enjoy the combat actions and seeing how well or not my tactics develop!”

I’m sure that Jim summarized it well here and I must concur: being a statesman or general is not dangerous anymore, nor stressful. It is sitting back, relaxing and…enjoying!!!!

To contribute your thoughts on the forums, you will need to register 
(no charge and we don’t spam our members; signup is required to allow 
us to monitor and maintain proper content). To register, go to and the instructions will walk you through. It’s a pretty simple process.

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  1. Regarding Nazi V1 attack on New York : In 1948 I heard a story in Norway about a submarine in the bomb-proof pens in Bergen which was equipped to launch V1 missiles, and how it was damaged by British bombing. I can find no other references to such a submarine-mounted V1 in World War II, although after the war the US experimented with this using a US submarine in 1947 (see Axis History Factbook: the V-1 Flying Bomb.) I would like any information on German plans to strike the US with missiles from submarines, also an exact reference to the San Diego Tribune story mentioned .