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Posted on Oct 15, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Nazi V1 Attack on New York?

By Jason St. Just

If you haven’t joined in the many online discussions at Armchair 
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situations, along with hobby-oriented discussions of games, 
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addition to military history discussions.

Hot from the Armchair General Frontlines

Nazi V1 Attack on New York
One of our forum members has recently found a very interesting scrap of newspaper from the San Diego Tribune. The document dates back to the summer of 1944 and reports on the approval from Adolf Hitler to launch V1 (robot bombs) from German submarines in the Atlantic. Do you believe that the Germans had this technology and that they could have launched a strike on the U.S? Or was it another one of the Fuhrer’s impossible chimeras? Check out the Weapons of War forum and tell us what YOU think.


Europeans fleeing the rape in Europe
This thread started after one of our members – Cpangracs – posted a link from the Brussels Journal where a controversial article is posted suggesting that Europe is on its way to becoming Muslim. The reporter grimly states that this is the reason for the increasing number of Europeans migrating to Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. Some consider the article as an exaggeration by a biased European reporter; others are not so sure and see a lack of firmness on the part of the EU government in dealing with immigrants. Feel free to migrate to our Current Events forum to defend YOUR view on Europe!

What if America did not enter World War II?
Check out our Alternative Timelines forum and join the lively debate centering on the U.S. involvement in the Second World War. What could have been the consequence if America had kept a distance during the brutal conflict going on on the other side of the Atlantic? Would Europe have succumbed to the German onslaught or would Britain and Russia alone have been enough to turn the tide?

A reminder about Armchair General Attacks: Most Decisive Battles

The GRAND FINALE has started! Ninety-eight battles have succumbed and now the two most decisive battles in world history stand opposite to each other: Salamis versus Saratoga.  Remember, it is YOUR vote and YOUR opinion that will help shape the January/February issue of Armchair General magazine. So hurry to our Armchair Attacks! forum. Vote now or regret it for the rest of your life.

2008 U.S. Election

The 4th of November is approaching fast and the 2008 U.S. Election forum is steaming up. Haven’t gotten the election fever yet? Then it’s high time to jump in and get involved in the discussion. It doesn’t matter if you’re Republican or Democrat, European or Asian … we include everybody in our political dialogue!

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  1. Regarding Nazi V1 attack on New York : In 1948 I heard a story in Norway about a submarine in the bomb-proof pens in Bergen which was equipped to launch V1 missiles, and how it was damaged by British bombing. I can find no other references to such a submarine-mounted V1 in World War II, although after the war the US experimented with this using a US submarine in 1947 (see Axis History Factbook: the V-1 Flying Bomb.) I would like any information on German plans to strike the US with missiles from submarines, also an exact reference to the San Diego Tribune story mentioned .