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Posted on Oct 13, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Market Garden Commemorative Jump 2007

By Martin Fielden

All of us got kitted out and separated into the group’s ability, even looking at the experts I could see apprehension on their faces. The first group got up and as we watched the chutes open two collided, if they had been squares this could have been a dangerous incident, with the rounds they just gently separated – this was a great confidence boost for us jump virgins.

001.JPG  024.JPG
The time has come and we are getting kitted out.  Not a hint of nerves!?!?

Ian and I were waiting with the other novices and suddenly we were sent up with a group of sky divers – the time had come. We boarded last and the plane taxied onto the runway, the door closed and we started climbing, Ian and I gave each other a nervous look, the altimeter leveled out at 2,400 feet and the door opened.  Without flinching Ian slid to the door on the command of the jumpmaster and went, I slid over with my legs hanging into oblivion, felt the tap on the shoulder and followed Ian out of the door.


1,000…2,000…3,000…Check Canopy!

‘1,000’,’2,000’,’3,000’ – ‘Check canopy’, but it had a twist on the lines above my head, slight panic, a quick bit of kicking out of the twist and it all popped open just like a swing that had been twisted and suddenly opened up. I looked around and I could see the whole island.  I searched for the airport below me and turned the ‘chute round. Now it was time to enjoy the ride and admire the view. Getting closer to the airport I turned and ran with the wind to find a nice big bit of grass to land on. I turned into the wind, feet together, hands on lines, elbows in, the ground was getting closer & it’s there, PLF landing & up, ran around the chute gathered it up and SMILED. I walked back to the hangar with the driest mouth desperate for some water.


Ian came over as he landed elsewhere on the airfield and smiles abounded. For Ian and I to learn to jump on the 17th September was a special day, it’s the day back in ’44 that the 6 Para landed on Ginkle Heath.

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  1. Lovely, never seen this before! Found it almost 6yrs after this jump!
    I’m the F.A.N.Y.!

    • Well written articles like yours renews my faith in todâaâ€y„¢s writers. You’ve written info I can lastly agree on and use. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks to Monica I also found this site with pictures and stories….
    I was no. 13 – first stick who jumped that year, together with Monica… was my first time jumping from a C47 and first time jumping Ginkel Heath….
    Now at this moment I jumped the C47 many times with lots of commemoration jumps on several original DZ’s in Holland and Normandy.
    This year I will join and jump the Market Garden 2013 event again 🙂

    Airborne – all the way

    Blue skies,

  3. And I was no. 4, first stick!

  4. Short, sweet, to the point, FRE-eExactly as information should be!