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Posted on Oct 13, 2007 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Market Garden Commemorative Jump 2007

By Martin Fielden

Basic training started with us jumping off the static plane frame, hands folded across chest, feet together,‘1,000’,’2,000’,’3,000’,’Check canopy’ – it should be big and round with a big hole at the top.

We paired up in buddies and got kitted out with the chutes, it was a good job Ian knew what he was doing as we got our kit right and were consequently used as an example.

We learnt about releasing the capewells if being dragged on your back, pulling the ground lines towards you preferably to collapse the chute.  We learnt about deploying the reserve, legs crossed, left hand below the reserve, lift flap and hold in your mouth, right hand under flap, slide under reserve and throw it 45 degree away from you, feed out lines – for some reason everyone was listening intently!. We practiced with a sand bag and in our sleep.


Roy – The Boss!

We learnt the PLF (Parachute Landing Fall) drill, feet together, hands on lines, elbows in. We practiced forwards landings and backwards landings of the platform into the gravel pit, The Pathfinder team leader Roy was right, this bit does hurt!

Practicing the PLF (Parachute Landing Fall)

We learnt about steering the chutes and turning into wind before landing, we went over deploying the reserve again and again.  We discussed plane exits and we tried it in the Cessna caravan whilst the plane was parked up.  The next day there was to be a weather window so it was action stations, our first jump was on the cards!


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  1. Lovely, never seen this before! Found it almost 6yrs after this jump!
    I’m the F.A.N.Y.!

    • Well written articles like yours renews my faith in todâaâ€y„¢s writers. You’ve written info I can lastly agree on and use. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks to Monica I also found this site with pictures and stories….
    I was no. 13 – first stick who jumped that year, together with Monica… was my first time jumping from a C47 and first time jumping Ginkel Heath….
    Now at this moment I jumped the C47 many times with lots of commemoration jumps on several original DZ’s in Holland and Normandy.
    This year I will join and jump the Market Garden 2013 event again 🙂

    Airborne – all the way

    Blue skies,

  3. And I was no. 4, first stick!

  4. Short, sweet, to the point, FRE-eExactly as information should be!