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Posted on Jan 14, 2013 in Armchair Reading

March 2013 – Armchair General: Patton in World War I

By Armchair General

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  • Special Feature: War & Peace: 2013 and Beyond – What you must know about the global strategic situation
  • Feature: Japan’s “Stealth” Kamikazes
  • Feature: The Andersonville Trial, 1865
  • Battle Studies: Remagen: Bridge to Victory
  • Battlefield Leaders: Patton in World War I
  • Great Warriors: Tuskegee Airmen, 1941–45
  • Crisis Watch by Ralph Peters – AirSea Prattle – America’s “pivot to the Pacific” is nothing new
  • Dispatchesreal heroes, destinations, special events and more


  • Must-Read/Must-See Books and DVDs
  • Game Reviews
  • Mailbag
  • Test your decision-making skills by choosing the best course of action for a Union infantry company, 1863; Spanish Blue Division in Russia, 1943; and General Rotmistrov at the Korsun Pocket, 1944.
  • Play It! Play the history you read; ACG‘s list of recommended wargames for all eras
  • Combat Decision # 55: Spanish Blue Division in Russia, 1943
  • Combat Decision # 53: Battle of Kohima, 1944 – Outcome and Analysis
  • ONLINE EXTRA: FREE PC GAME! Download March to Baghdad, Episode 1: Decision at Tallil Air Base


  • Special Feature: History of Valor: The heroic history of the Medal of Honor, America’s highest award
  • Bonus Article: 1838 Invasion of Canada: A small British ship stood in the way of American invaders
  • Great Warriors: German Landsknecht
  • Battle Studies: Birth of Modern Warfare, by Ralph Peters
  • Hard Choices: Lincoln Chooses War, 1861
  • Battlefield Leader: Adolf Galland, Germany’s WWII ace who led the Luftwaffe Fighter Command
  • Interactive command articles in which YOU make the decisions! Italian attack at Bir Hakeim, 1942; British rifle brigade in World War I, 1915; and Joe Hooker at Chancellorsville, 1863

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