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Posted on Nov 7, 2011 in Armchair Reading

January 2012 Web Mailbag

By Armchair General


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Reenactor Narciso Martinez of Durango, Mexico, bears a striking resemblance to Pancho Villa.

Meade – Victor Of Gettysburg
Dear Editor, ‘Armchair General‘, (Mr. Jerry Morelock)

Union Gen. George G. MeadeI obtained a copy of your latest (September 2011) edition, and was delighted to see and read a brilliant article by regular contributor, Col. Ralph Peters, U.S. Army (retired) concerning the generalship of Major General George G. Meade at the Battle of Gettysburg.

I found the analysis fair, insightful, logical and well documented. In fact, Col. Peters’ keen mind,clear grasp of the facts, and understanding of the issues of command and control in that critical turning point in the history of the Civil War up to that moment clearly places Col. Peters in the forefront of Gettysburg battle analysts and historians. It is no coincidence that in Peters’ cogent assessment, he matches the best conclusions of the greatest scholars of that famous action.


I and my colleagues have been relating this very same message, information and details of Meade’s stunning victory and turning point in the war for some time. In fact, we have founded the General Meade Society of Philadelphia to promote General Meade’s life of service, his stellar career as army officer and engineer, and his heroic and effective leadership throughout the Civil War, despite the petty slings and arrows of lesser men, and the ignorance of the past.

As president of the General Meade Society, I wish to commend Col. Ralph Peters for his outstanding scholarship and truthful depiction of Meade at Gettysburg. 
May I respectfully request that you forward this message to Col. Peters, so that our Society may invite him to receive our recognition, and we also wish to invite him to address our Society history seminar at his convenience in the near future?

Anthony Waskie, Ph.D.
President, General Meade Society of Philadelphia
Temple University
Civil War & Emancipation Studies at Temple (CWEST)

Information on the General Meade Society
The General Meade Society of Philadelphia, a non-profit Organization chartered by the state of Pennsylvania, is dedicated to history, historic preservation and education.

Our mission is to promote and preserve the memory of Union Major General George Gordon Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac and architect of the Union victory at Gettysburg.

The Society was founded by General Meade enthusiasts who gather annually on December 31st to celebrate the anniversary of the general’s birth at his final resting place in Philadelphia, Laurel Hill Cemetery.

The Society currently boasts hundreds of members throughout the country, all of whom share a common interest in General Meade’s multifaceted life and career.

The Society raises funds for scholarships; sponsors history tours; presents history symposia, funds historic preservation of Civil war sites, and honors veterans of all periods.

We invite any and all interested in promoting the memory of General Meade, the Army of the Potomac, Civil War veterans, the history of the Civil War Era, and those dedicated to historic preservation to join us at the Meade Society in our challenge and goals. The Society also engages in ‘Living-History’ encampments portraying the Headquarters of the Army of the Potomac 1863-1865 to educate the public to the war time role of General Meade, his staff and the civilians of the period.

Founded: December 31, 1996 at Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA (final resting place of General Meade)

Membership Information:
The General Meade Society of Philadelphia
PO Box 45556

Philadelphia, PA 19149

tel: 215-204-5452 
fax: 215-204-7752



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