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Posted on Jul 16, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

International Festival of the Sea 2005

Armchair General


HMS Illustrious (R06) is one of three Invincible Class Carriers in operation with the Royal Navy. Currently serving as the flagship of the Fleet, HMS Illustrious has only recently returned to service following a two-year refit. These vessels are currently designated as Strike Carriers and operate 8 Sea Harriers and a mix of Sea King or Merlin Helicopters, up to 12 in total.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_241.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_253.JPG

I really wanted to go aboard HMS Illustrious, however the queues were so big I wouldn’t have been able to see the rest of the fleet at all if I had. I therefore satisfied myself with some pictures from the quayside.


Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_256.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_260.JPG


* * *


One of just two ships that I was able to get onboard (the queues defeated me every other time!), HMS Tyne (P281) is a River Class Patrol Vessel, one of five on long-term lease to the Royal Navy from builders Vospers.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_195.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_196.JPG

Although she’s only a small ship, the view from just forward of the Bridge was quite impressive.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_186.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_189.JPG

On board I found more children (or were they the same ones as before?) attempting to operate the weapons, and began to worry about a child-takeover of the planet Earth, until I realised that they would never be able to see through the sights properly.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_192.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_185.JPG

* * *

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1 Comment

  1. The uniforms were all made by Keith Levett, livery tailor of Savile Row, who is standing the other side of Captain Hardy, and portraying Captain Thomas Troubridge, and beyond he, and also in your second photo, Captain James de Saumarez!
    Wonderful to see those photos.
    Yours aye,
    Alex Naylor (aka Nelson!) Keith also made the Full Dress uniform which is now on board HMS Victory and also the undress one in the Nelson Museum in Monmouth. They are precise replicas of the originals.