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Posted on Jul 16, 2005 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

International Festival of the Sea 2005

Armchair General

Here’s the Al Mua’zzar (Q32) a Frigate from Oman. She seemed a bit small for a Frigate to me, and indeed only has a crew complement of 80. And here’s HMS Marlborough (F233) and one of her sister ships HMS St Albans (F83) docked alongside each other.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_214.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_221.JPG

Two massive auxiliary vessels almost filled their respective basins – RFA Fort Victoria (A387) a Royal Navy fleet auxiliary, and the Rotterdam (L800) from the Netherlands.


Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_216.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_219.JPG

Just over the water was the El Kirch (353) from Algeria, a Soviet built Corvette rarely seen outside the Mediteranean and recently modified with new generation surface to surface missiles.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_275.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_231.JPG

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_276.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_274.JPG

Here’s one of the Sandown Class Mine Hunters, HMS Walney (M104) and a small collection of Tugboats used in the Dockyard.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_244.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_252.JPG

This small ship is one of the Royal Navy’s Hunt Class Mine Countermeasures Ships (MCMV’s). This is HMS Ledbury (M30).

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_269.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_228.JPG

At the far edge of the Dockyard, HMS Bristol (D23) lay in her usual position,. Readers of my previous article from the Dockyard will recall that HMS Bristol is now used as a training ship. The next picture is of HMAS Anzac (FFH-150) which was a lovely looking ship and which had a very friendly crew.

Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_270.JPG Thumb_IFOS_02.07.05_282.JPG


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1 Comment

  1. The uniforms were all made by Keith Levett, livery tailor of Savile Row, who is standing the other side of Captain Hardy, and portraying Captain Thomas Troubridge, and beyond he, and also in your second photo, Captain James de Saumarez!
    Wonderful to see those photos.
    Yours aye,
    Alex Naylor (aka Nelson!) Keith also made the Full Dress uniform which is now on board HMS Victory and also the undress one in the Nelson Museum in Monmouth. They are precise replicas of the originals.