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Posted on Oct 8, 2008 in Stuff We Like

Hot War, Cold War – Forum Discussions

By Jason St. Just

Hot from the Armchair General Frontlines

A summary of some of this week’s most popular Armchair General forums.

Which invading nation has left the biggest legacy to the countries it conquered? 
Although started in March of this year on the Warfare throughout the Ages forum, the end of this thread still seems far off on the horizon. Leave YOUR legacy behind and tell us which civilization you feel has directly or indirectly contributed most to the way the world is shaped today.

Who do you think was better, Robert E. Lee or Ulysses Grant?

Be amazed at the great deal of knowledge that is shared on this poll of our Civil War forum. The campaigns, the battles, the mistakes and the brilliant moves of both commanders are meticulously weighed and revised. Here the South meets the North yet once again, but fortunately on a much more peaceful field of battle. So tell us, who gets YOUR vote and why … if you dare.


France must trumpet its military triumphs
Should France be proud of its military past? This controversial question has been asked on our Wars & Warfare forum after a speech made by Zarkosy, the current French president. Many examples of France’s rich military past have been pulled out of the closet to prove that this nation has all the right to be proud, but a forum wouldn’t be a “forum” if everyone agreed, now would it? Check out the pros and cons and don’t refrain from sounding YOUR trumpet on this current event.

2008 U.S. Election

This category remains hot as the race nears the finish line. See what our 15,000 members have to say and express your own thoughts.

A reminder about Armchair General Attacks: Most decisive battles
The tournament to determine the most decisive battle of all time continues on our Armchair Attacks! forum. Join in and help shape the January/February issue of the Armchair General magazine!

ACG Searchlight!
For this week, I suggest you put your coat on because the searchlight shines on our Cold War forum. After the defeat of the Germans during the Second World War, the two leading superpowers, the US and Russia, came to stand opposite to each other for the next 40 years. Their rivalry tore the world apart, dividing it into unofficial pro-American and pro-Russian spheres through military coalitions, espionage and weapons development. They both intrigued, threatened and meddled in world affairs in a desperate attempt to find allies to support their cause, ultimately leading to the nuclear fear of the 1950s and 1960s that held the entire world in its grasp.

Our Cold War forum handles a broad range of subjects: Communism, the costs of the Cold War throughout the decades, the relationships between Russia and China, the Forgotten Berlin Airlift, the Cuban missile crisis,  a discussion on “The Black Book of Communism” from Stephane Courtois and much, much more…

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  1. Would it be possible to feature some of my Cold War furniture to your readers. It is on my Facebook page St.Loues Designs on Facebook. There are three portable tables; US/CCCP/Cuba and a CCCP desk called the ‘Sputnik’

    Thank you

    Lee Tomas