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Posted on Jul 26, 2006 in Front Page Features, Stuff We Like

Farnborough International Airshow 2006

Armchair General

The amount of rain being thrown down by the heavens becomes pretty clear in this next photo as a Eurofighter "Typhoon" lined up for its display. Once airborne however, it showed no sign of worrying about the water lashing down and performed a superb routine.

show_060.JPG show_061.JPG

As did the Harrier, with it’s customary flight and then hover – "bowing" to the audience whilst suspended on a column of air. Awesome.


show_063.JPG show_065.JPG

Click here for some brief video footage of the Harrier hovering and performing a "bow" to the audience (approx 3.48MB).


And then, an RAF Chinook, with its massive thudding twin rotors gracefully dancing around the overcast sky, even flying on its side.

show_022.JPG show_075.JPG

There were probably as many helicopters as fixed wing aircraft at Farnborough. What’s more, it’s time for some pictures with sunshine in them again as it’s looking rather gloomy on this page, so here are a couple of fine rotary winged specimens for you.

show_034.JPG show_037.JPG

Here’s a Tornado next to something rather more sedate – it’s a de Havilland Canada Beaver AL.1, a multi role utility aircraft that saw service in 1947.

show_038.JPG show_039.JPG

Back to the flying displays, some aircraft just performed fly-bys, such as this B1B swing-wing bomber and this Nimrod. We all waved. I like to think the pilots waved back.

show_054.JPG show_083.JPG

With the rain easing slightly, I was able to get a little drier than I had been, and just in time to catch this F-18 roar down the runway.

show_055.JPG show_056.JPG

Ah, an Apache enters the show. This is a Longbow variant, you can tell by the large radar bubble above the rotor blades. Interestingly, I talked with an Apache/Blackhawk pilot at the US Department of Defence stand within one of the exhibition halls, and he explained that the Blackhawk is faster than the Apache. I personally found this surprising.

show_058.JPG show_059.JPG

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